Sunday, April 14, 2013

Paul Fromm, the London March, and the Fine Art of Turd Polishing

First, let us begin by stating if the boneheads in London, ON wish to hold another march and rally in the same manner that they did yesterday, we unreservedly support their efforts.

No, really.

We will explain, but first we should note that Paulie provides his account of the march yesterday:

Why don't we first examine the claims Paulie makes in this account?
"The 50 participants emphasized a positive pride in European culture."

Really? You're going to try and claim there were 50 people who showed up?

Uhm, could you perhaps then explain this?

Including the photographer (who might have been Paulie himself) we are struggling to find more than 20. 

Maybe there were more in other pictures, you say? Let's take a look then, shall we?

We think you might be lying Paulie. Either that or you are really bad at math.

"Flying the old Red Ensign, the flag of the real Canada, the marchers braved snow flurries that earlier threatened the march and strong bracing winds that snapped at their flags."

They marched in shitty weather.  So there were even fewer people to witness this march? 

Please, continue.

"Groups like the Church of the Creator participated." 

Ah yes, these guys:

Actually, Paulie has it wrong. It's no longer the Church of the Creator as the former leader of the cult, Matt Hale, lost a copyright infringement lawsuit. By the by, Hale is now in prison having been convicted of conspiring to murder the judge in that case. The Creativity Movement is, even when compared to other racist groups, virulently racist, anti-Semitic and especially violent; Benjamin Nathaniel Smith is certainly a figure of note in this regard, though we should also mention George Burdi of RaHoWa (and associate of the Heritage Front) who was well acquainted with violence.

Not so sure I'd want to brag that members of the Creativity cult attended. But that's us.

"The White Pride march was endorsed by the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee (CFIRC). CFIRC Director Paul Fromm explained..."

 Does it really matter what his explanation is?

"There was no organized opposition."

And why was that, Paulie?

Just to illustrate the point we are about to make, imagine if INM was as.... er.... "media savvy" as the boneheads were here. If they were, you would all be asking, "What the hell is Idle No More?"
A march and/or rally is basically a performance. You want an audience. You want media coverage. You want people to learn something about you, your group, and the beliefs your group espouses. You people to react in some way and ultimately to grow your own support network.

Did this march accomplish any of this? At all?

You kept your march secret so no one, including the media, knew that it was happening. Hell, they likely aren't even aware of your existence.  You chose to march at a time of day when the streets would be empty as most people would be eating dinner. The weather was bad so even fewer people would have been out and about to witness you all carrying on. When you did march with no opposition to harass you, you couldn't get more than 20 people out anyways and you had to inflate your numbers as a result. Finally, despite claiming to be, "proud" of you race as being the rationale for the march (and really, how pathetic must be your life if the only thing you can truly be proud about is something over which you had absolutely no control over), you mostly wore masks.

Even your fellow travellers have called you out on this. Stormfront member Gerard Bechard ("The Awakened") notes:

By the way, Bechard also used to post on Stormfront as "ns1488ca", a handle he used to express his desire that people with physical disabilities should be exterminated. Nice guy.

But we digress.

Believe us Paulie, if we're the only ones paying attention to your little rally, it wasn't a success.

And we are quite happy with this fact.


Anonymous said...

Why would Paul adopt the moniker of a nazi, Friedrich Fromm, who was executed in 1945 for plotting to assassinate Hitler? Not only does he fudge the numbers, and refer to himself in the 3rd person, he's also suffering an identity crisis. What a windbag!

Anonymous said...

Man, Dave Ruud got FATTTTTTT! He used to work out at the same gym I did and was pretty stacked, it looks like the only lifting he does now are cheeseburgers and shakes. Also curious where other former members of the "London Crew" like Melissa Guille, her brothers, Jason Ouwendyk etc all wound up

Nosferatu200 said...

Anon 1: I do believe that Friedrich is Paulie's first name. His Full name is Friedrich Paul Fromm.

But yeah, the whole third person thing sort of creeps us out a bit too.

Anon 2: It sort of appears that Melissa Guille, her brothers, and Ouwendyk have dropped out publicly, though they do harbor the same beliefs. We've followed them online a bit but we don't see any of them being active any time soon. I sort of think that Warman's actions took the starch out of them, so to speak. Ruud looks to be the only one active from that group, though we were a little surprised not to see Winnicki in any of the pictures.

londonaf said...

Is that chunky bastard really Ruud? jesus. he's turned into 2 boneheads for the price of 1 since i last saw him.