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Monday, August 26, 2019

Far Right Infighting Part ∞ + 1: Alberta Northern Guard Split

This is late in coming not because ARC wasn't following it practically in real time but because we wanted to see where it was going. We do however have to thank the folks with Edmonton Against Fascism for covering this from the start and keeping us up to date.

Oh, let's not get ahead of ourselves. We'll get to Kyle Sizler in just a moment.

A few months ago there was a changing of the guard in the Alberta Northern.... er.... Guard.

This past spring Jeremy Clark appears to have left his position as head of the Alberta Northern Guard which allowed Kyle Puchalski taking over:

Prior to this he had been in a leadership position in Calgary were he and his fellow boneheads I mean Northern Guard members as well as Calgary Soldiers of Odin members participated in a few patrols of the city which, if we're being really honest, amounted to preening and strutting in areas of well lit and relative low crime while another member took pictures of them:

The guy sporting the Northern Guard emblazoned leather vest and the yellow hoodie is fashion icon Kyle Silzer seen here in one of his more contemplative moments:

Silzer also became a member of the Northern Guard around spring time. He referred to the hate group as his "new family" and was welcomed with open arms by Puchalski:

Awww! They even included heart emojis!

So when it was time for the new provincial head of the NG to appoint individuals to leadership positions, Silzer was one of the first who was picked:

Yeah.... you ALL already know where this is going:




The reasons for the split was initially rather obscure as Puchalski didn't expand on his post very much:

Initially we didn't know the origin of this particular schism, but over the period of a month and a half the two Kyles went at each other online with a string of insults that would make a group of 13 year olds passing around a slam book proud:

Just a personal aside here, but the last time flipping a camera the finger should be edgy is when you're in Jr. High and taking a class picture. If you're in your 30s, it's just damn sad.

In any case, eventually we did learn what appears to have been the origin of the dispute.

Of course it is over money!

They all are as predictable as they are dysfunctional.

But hey, Kyle Puchalski had to know that he could never truly clip the wings of such a free thinker as Kyle Silzer:

Hmmm, NASA eh?

Well, the more you know I guess.

Other instances of Silzer's "free thinking" are included below:


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The second picture from the top, Jeremy and Kyle, funny has hell! Jeremey found someone smaller than himself to be in a picture with, Note his high heel work boots just to make sure he is the "bigger man". I say that tongue in cheek.