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Monday, November 12, 2018

University of Calgary Conservative Club Members Linked To FireForce Ventures

UPDATE 2: Just learned that there is currently a warrant for the arrest of Gabriel Sohier Chaput (aka "Zeiger":

More will be posted in another article as more information becomes available.

So, about that break I said I was taking.... it seems that there have been some updates on the FireForce Ventures front:

Earlier, we learned that former executive on the UofC Conservative Club Adam Strashok was also identified as having been associated with FireForce Ventures. Strashok participated in the racist Worldwide Coalition Against Islam rally on June 3, 2017 and ran Jason Kenney's call center during his UCP leadership campaign had joined Bernier's PPC, though he appears to have been a member for a very short time before being kicked out of that party as well.

It turns out though that Strashok isn't the only person associated with the University of Calgary Conservative Club who had some association with FireForce Ventures:

ARC first learned about Jake Findell when he and another man were caught in the act of flyering for the hate group ID Canada (formerly Generation Identity Canada) on the main campus of the University of Calgary. 

He also was somewhat active on the ID Canada Facebook page:

Like Strashok, Findell also participated in the WCAI rally (along with three other individuals who may very well be making an appearance on this blog in a short time):

Before shutting down his Facebook page (or perhaps just making it difficult to find) Findell had "liked" FireForce Ventures along with a number of hate groups:

This however is FAR from the most interesting connection to conservative politics on the University of Calgary campus:

A number of people had been trying to figure out who this is. Sure, the face was mostly whited-out, but I figured there were a number of identifying features that could still lead to a definitive identification; the hair (color and cut), glasses, and especially the ear which is very distinctive in it's shape. As the photo was taken on the subject's laptop, it would likely be a flipped image.

Yesterday I received an email from someone who provided a picture of who this person is:


Keean Matthew Bexte has been in the news a fair amount. The first time I heard of him was regarding an email sent out by the Wildrose UofC promoting a misogynistic film, "The Red Pill" in which the sender referred to feminism as "cancer." Though he was fingered by the former communications director of the club and he himself resigned as the club's vice-president external, Bexte denied he has sent the email and instead pinned it on someone named Robert McDavid.... who doesn't actually appear to exist:
And when Bexte posts things like this, it is sort of hard to take him seriously when he claims that he was disgusted by the message in the email:

The next time I heard of Bexte was when he attended the Conservative Party's National Policy Convention in Halifax in August:

Bexte was especially unhappy that the party decided to continue to support supply management in the dairy industry:

Since Donald Trump has also vowed to defy the constitution and end birthright citizenship in the United States, Bexte has been posting further support for this policy:

Of some relevance though is that while Bexte's resolution passed, he himself appears to have found a new federal political home:

He has also found a platform to disseminate his own views:

Well, you know about the shoe fitting....

Because it was an event organized by Ezra Levant and "Rebel Media" there was bound to be someone who said something profoundly bigoted and stupid. Cue John Carpay:

Yep. That happened.

Criticism was swift, but Carpay (who did offer a non-apology apology) doesn't appear that he will be facing any real consequences despite Kenney's commitment to remove extremists from the party, going so far as to suggest they would create a database of known wingnuts to prevent their membership. 

This might in part be because of a threat made by Bexte:

Anyways, let's go back to that photo what was posted on the FireForce Ventures Facebook group:

I took the known photo of Bexte....

.... and flipped it to match the one on the Facebook group.

What do you think, dear readers?

And for good measure, a second known photo of Bexte:

Yeah, I'm pretty much 100% confident on this.

Talk about the company one keeps, eh?

UPDATE 1: I wasn't sure where to put these, so here these screen shots are for your own interest:

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Spartacus here, Atomwaffen members are absolutely PISSED over Fireforce closing down lmao