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Saturday, July 07, 2018

Alfred Schaefer Back In Jail

Hey, remember when I suggested that Alfred Schaefer might end up back in a German jail due to his activities June 30?

Monika is still in jail (perhaps as a flight risk) but her brother is currently free, however given very recent events that might change
Just want to say that I called it:

Yeah, "whatever this 'crime' was..." indeed:
German-Canadian Alfred Schäfer was the first to speak. He vowed that if he and his sister Monika Schäfer are found guilty of violating German criminal law on Holocaust denial (Schäfer was back in court yesterday), the judge would feel the wrath of his supporters and "hang by his neck until death." At the end of his speech Schäfer gave the Nazi straight-arm salute, which is also proscribed under German law.
And really? Police state action? The German police apparently arrested him at noon (not the dead of night) and let him take a bagged lunch with him. Perhaps his wife forgot to include a bottle of gewürztraminer?

Ms. Renouf might be a little dramatic.

Now I am assuming that he's back in jail because of his participation in the neo-Nazi rally on June 30, his threat that the presiding judge would be lynched by his supporters, and his seig heil salute. I could very well be wrong, which would likely mean that he did something even worse that ARC doesn't know about.

In any case, we can expect more Paulie histrionics as well in the coming weeks and months I'm sure.

1 comment:

Harry Abrams said...

Good job covering this....Alfred also ran around screaming "Kill the Kikes" at that rally as well, apparently.