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Sunday, November 05, 2017

Texas Church Murders Being Conflated With "Antifa" Civil War Hoax

There was never a plan for anti-fascists to start a civil war despite claims by far right conspiracy personalities such as Alex Jones. It was a hoax from the start. However that certainly didn't stop those same far right personalities and groups/individuals who accepted the hoax as fact from patting themselves on the back for defeating the "antifa" menace:

Today though some of the same far right conspiracy personalities are at work continuing to stoke fears of a non-existent antifa uprising.

Earlier in the day, a man walked into a Texas Baptist church and started shooting. As of this moment, 26 members of the Sutherland Spring First Baptist church are dead as is the shooter. We don't know much about the shooter at this point. What we do know is that he was a 26 year old white male who served for a time in the Air Force before being discharged for bad conduct. He was married and may have worked and/or volunteered briefly at a church (Sunday school perhaps?).

Update: A little more detail on why the shooter had been discharged from the Air Force:
At this point no one seems to know the individual's motive, however that hasn't stopped the rampant speculation and seemingly definitive claims from the far right that the shooter was (1) a Muslim, (2) a "member" of antifa, (3) a member of the Democratic Party, (4) on the payroll of George Soros, or (5) any combination of the first four:
Buzzfeed has been doing a very good job of cataloging and debunking the misinformation rapidly being shared on social media:
Some of the misinformation is recycled from previous misinformation campaigns, including the Las Vegas massacre:
Unfortunately, the lies take on a life of their own and seem to be almost impossible to stop.

The misinformation campaign has also worked on many of the Canadian groups and individuals ARC keeps an eye on. Here are a few representative examples. 
La Meute:
The III% militia in Alberta:



Members of Ezra Levant's "The Rebel":

And former Rebel Media correspondants:

And Georges Hallak who doesn't write about the misinformation itself, but does, along with many of his readers, push for arming more people in this country:

While it is likely we'll learn more about the motives of the shooter as the investigation progresses, I am equally sure that if that motive doesn't fit the narrative of the far right, it will be dismissed out of hand.

And of course it could all be claimed as a false flag in the end is all else fails:

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