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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Paul Fromm: Norman Raddatz The Victim

Before beginning, we need to acknowledge the terrible tragedy that occurred yesterday in South Carolina. Our friend Daryle Jenkins of the One Peoples' Project as well as the folks at the Southern Poverty Law Center have been providing coverage of the racially-motivated mass murder and we recommend our readers take a look those websites. We will provide our take, and focus on the Canadian reaction, on a later date.

Earlier yesterday, the funeral of Constable Daniel Woodall took place. Woodall was murdered when he and other members of the Edmonton Police Service attempted to arrest Norman Raddatz on charges related to the continued and escalating harassment of a Jewish family. Raddatz also appears to have subscribed to the Freeman ideology, a pseudo-philosophy that has resulted in numerous violent acts in the United States where is it most prevalent.

Some time after the funeral took place, Paulie saw fit to add his $0.02:

The video is classic Paulie. Poor audio. A woman on crutches holding the camera. And numerous self-serving half-truths and lies.

We could discuss the claims he made about the demise of Glenn Bahr's WCFU. We might also have something to say about his suggestion that those involved in the assault on at least two men in Edmonton by members of Blood & Honour were exonerated (in fact Badrock had his charges stayed, Bernie Miller plead guilty, and McKee was sent away on weapons charges as a result of the investigation). We'll let those pass though. Let's for now counter the claims Paulie makes regarding the murder of Const. Daniel Woodall (we admit that we might have a few things mixed up and would welcome correction if we provide any inaccurate details):

Based on our current understanding, the police arrived to arrest Raddatz for his harassment of the Jewish family. He refused to open the door. The police then got a warrant and an hour later tried again. He still refused to come out. The police then used the battering ram. When Woodall and at least one other police officer entered (Sgt. Jason Harley) entered, Raddatz opened fire killing Woodall and injuring Harley. Though Paulie claims the police came in weapons drawn and shooting, it would seem the only shots fired were from Raddatz who is alleged to have fired more than 50 rounds at the police; some of the shots fired ended up in neighboring homes and it is lucky that Raddatz didn't kill anyone else.

Seems to be a little different than how Paulie characterized the event, eh?

But the part that this writer finds especially galling is who Paulie suggests is the victim:

Raddatz the victim?

You stay classy, Paulie.


Anonymous said...

The good thing about the video is that these idiots don't know how to film without the noise of the the lake and the wind making his nonsense rambling near inaudible.

Pretty sure the ZOG spies knew about this planned film manifesto and manipulated the weather with extensive chem trailing to prevent the white revolution from happening. Again. :)

Anonymous said...

I think Raddatz' Freeman / Sovereign Citizen involvement should be mentioned since it seems to fit a pattern.