Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dean Clifford: #Winning Everything!

This past week the long awaited trial of Dean Clifford began.

It also ended very quickly as Clifford, using the genius legal maneuvering such as not calling any witnesses, refusing to participate in the trial (as much as he could), and engaging in linguistic semantics:

Well, things must have gone exceptionally well since Dean made an announcement on June 19:

Oh, but this won't just be a celebratory beach house party. No, Dean plans no less than taking the day to plan a new future for mankind:

Looks like Dean has come out of the fetid manure smelling like roses. We can only guess that no man-made laws will now stand in the Wolverdean's way.

Well... except that things might not be so nice in Cliffordland after all:

Yep. Found guilty on all the counts (apparently).

But really, it doesn't matter because Clifford says it's all a farce and it doesn't mean anything so he can carry on as he has been. Really, the fact that he lost ACTUALLY proves that he is and has been entirely correct. It's all a part of his master plan which is going according to Clifford's schedule.


 Irony abounds.

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