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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Southern Ontario Skins: A Cast of Stooges Part IX (Aftermath)

It really is funny how things can turn on a dime. As early as August 18, Brodie Walsh was a member in good standing of the Southern Ontario "Skinheads," posing with his fellow boneheads as they model their latest t-shirts:

How come so many bonehead think that vacantly staring at
a camera is intimidating?
Oh, those were among the salad days of the SOS, a time when they were hopeful, naive, and ready to change the world. Or get drunk and beat up random people of color and excuse it as revolutionary activism. Either way, right?

But only two days later, things went a bit south. Very, very, south.

The reality is the SOS were, and still are, comprised of a bunch of ex cons and general fuck-ups so it isn't exactly a surprise that they would continue to fuck up. We have, however, been enjoying the very public nature of the implosion.

Our readers will have noticed that Max "Come At Me Bro!" Hynes posted the following two comments under the article in question:

brodie is out of the S.O.S, i fucking hate race traitors. i can deal with prior drug convictions but this is way over the line. That fucking piece of trash is out! He talked so much shit about how he was done with that life but i guess you can only go so far. that fucking goof is outof S.O.S!!!! 

brodie walsh is so stripped its not even funny!!

No Max, it is actually very funny.

The action wasn't confined to our little corner of the Interweb however. Walsh posted a comment on Facebook complaining about the article which he soon removed for what we think our readers will determine is an understandable reason:


Karma is, indeed, a bitch.

And Max, you never needed Brodie to make a joke out of the SOS. You and the rest have done a bang up job of that yourselves.

All this would have been a great show had it ended here, but they just can't seem to stop themselves from subjecting themselves to even further embarrassment.

Yep, Jeremy Crawford decided to chime in when Walsh posted that he was going to move to British Columbia:

Now, we noted in the comments section of the earlier article that Crawford's comment here means one of two things. One is that Max Hynes is wish washy. He was enraged by what he considers to be a major faux pas in the world of boneheads and kicks a the transgressor out of his gang only to change his mind the next day.  The second option is that members of his gang will try to cut deals behind Hynes' back in which case Hynes is unable to control his own "crew."

Either way, it doesn't look all that good.

By the next day though Crawford appears to have received the memo as he posted the following missive directed towards ourselves and the man who he had, a day earlier, described as being, "like a little brother":

You hear that Brodie? You would have been brought to the to man, the TOP!!!!

The top of what has yet to be determined, but you certainly would have been on the top of whatever that thing ultimately turns out to be (and yes Jeremy, we DO like making fun of you).

Walsh eventually sent all of these comments down the memory hole, but not before another associate of the SOS "liked" the one comment suggesting all Walsh needed was a good slap to make things right:


Well! It's been a while since we last heard from Dan Hall. Prior to the presence of Walsh and Crawford, Dan Hall was ARC's go to guy for all our SOS information as he, like Walsh and Crawford, was about as security minded as a shut-in providing that nice Nigerian prince with her bank account details.

And wouldn't you know it, but Hall has come through for us once again.

We should first acknowledge that while we did manage to convince some of the membership of the SOS to add our fake profile as a friend on Facebook, it seems that at least some have managed to figure it out. Hynes unfriended us about 7 months ago and as of this past week Gatlin Gooding also seems to have purged us from his list. But one of the quirks of Facebook is that sometimes, when a "friend" comments on someone's status, one can see the status that the "friend" commented on:

As we can no longer find this post we assume it was either was removed or Gooding smartened up and changed the security setting for his profile. Regardless, it does indicate further dissension in in the ranks. Still, we're sure Gooding has nothing to be worried about. It's not as if he has done anything to embarrass Hynes and the rest of the SOS. Well, except maybe this thing that we did catch BEFORE we were purged by Gooding:

Damn Max. You really know how to pick 'em.

But let's end this where we began. It would appear that Walsh had come to accept his fate as an SOS outcast, though not without some bitterness:

He really should have left it there. But damn it if he just can't stop putting his foot in his mouth:

Aside from the emptiness of the threat, we can't help but note the irony that someone who once had a Facebook banner reading "Fuck the Police" is suggesting he might engage in legal action. It's also similar to the threat he made more than two years ago directed at the "London Free Press" when they published this story:

London man facing weapons charges posts photo of his arrest on Facebook

Yeah Brodie, the Facebook Privacy Act isn't something that exists other than in your head and just wishing hard and hoping that it's a thing doesn't make it so, though one other person did make the following observation that is relevant:

This might be a good time for Walsh to gracefully (as much as he is capable of) fading into obscurity.


Anonymous said...

This shit just keeps getting funnier and funnier. Looking at their profiles, with the exception of Max, just has me figuratively dying of laughter. Who would ever have thought a bunch of wiggers would band together to scream "White Power!!".

Also, looking at Jeremy's profile, it seems he's a fan of Young Jeezy... you are aware that Young Jeezy is black, right Jeremy?

Anonymous said...

Wow this collection of idiots never cease to amaze me. If they had any sort of standards for membership and didn't collect idiots as quickly as they possibly can they would not exist at all anymore. they have rats, drug dealers, drug addicts and race only seems to be an issue for a small minority in that group. if it wasn't just their say so and a few shitty tattoos you would never know they were any different then any other gang.

Anonymous said...

These guys make Jordan freshcut look good hahaha

Anonymous said...

*Complain about immigrants,can't even spell.

Anonymous said...

It's always kinda funny to see the bonehead evolution. Jeremy has discovered Skrewdriver... now we wait for the Romper Stomper quotes/pics that are sure to follow! It's all so fucking predictable.

Anonymous said...

While racist ideology can consume otherwise intelligent people and the ruling class generally utilizes racism to divide those that actually work for a living - it is interesting to see that these people represent the most vocal folks on the far-right today.

These kids strike me as legitimately unintelligent, maybe even borderline mentally challenged.

I am not just throwing out an insult here, there are more clever insults you could level at these folks, I would actually like to see a sociological study of these individuals to determine what, if any, correlation there is between simplistic racist beliefs and extremely low IQ (a problematic indicator of course, but I use it as shorthand for some type of test to determine intellectual capacity).

Anonymous said...

"I would actually like to see a sociological study of these individuals to determine what, if any, correlation there is between simplistic racist beliefs and extremely low IQ"

There have been several studies that have been done that show this correlation between the two. Those who hold racist beliefs have been shown to have reduced cognitive ability, and lower integrative complexity. This is not to say all are unintelligent, just those with higher intelligence are better at concealing.

I wish I could say without a doubt that ones intelligence was the only reason these groups come together, but there are other factors as well. With SOS (not the sharpest tools in the shed), and many other groups as well. recruits are often targeted that are disenchanted youth who are often abused, sexually repressed, bullied, angry, unemployed, drop outs, and who may be looking for someone to blame for their problems. They offer then a false sense of belonging and fitting in.