Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Beattie and Brosky Endorsed by Andrews and Bob Smith

Ugh. We should have known that Bob Smith, another of Don Andrews' Android followers and a perennial candidate himself, would be running in the Toronto municipal election. Smith is running on Ward 31 on an explicitly racist platform which, no doubt, will be wildly successful in a multiethnic and relatively progressive city like Toronto. But being the selfless fella that he is, he also gives a shout-out to his fellow racist candidates:


Normally, one would think such a characterization as a "racist candidate" would be a label that said candidate would vigorously reject. It's sort of the kiss of death in electoral politics.

But then there's John Beattie who apparently believes that any publicity (including that provided by us) is good publicity:

Come this September, he might not feel the same way.

We leave our readers to ponder this last statement while looking at photos of John Beattie leading members of the Canadian Nazi Party in a march in Allen Gardens, an organization he now claims never existed.

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