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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Southern Ontario Skins: A Cast of Stooges Part VII

It would appear that McKee's Blood & Honour and Hynes' Southern Ontario "Skinheads" have decided to continue their little spat on our blog. Truth be told, we are more than pleased to facilitate their intellectual jousting, though referring to the bluff and bluster as "intellectual" might be to stretch the meaning of the word:

Ah, Max's "crew." On that note, it seems that our previous article in the "stooges" series featuring one of the latest recruits to Max's "crew" has turned out to be quite popular. And one of those who has taken notice is our superfan Tomasz "Still Lives in Mommy's Basement" Winnicki.

Winnicki and Hynes in fact know each other. Both were in attendance at a Pauli anti-immigrant protest back in 2010....

....and Winnicki attended the ill-fated White Pride march organized by Hynes back in 2012. So one might think that because of their ideological views and the fact they both live in the same city that perhaps Hynes and Winnicki support each other.

Well, that may not be the case.

The first indication that the relationship (such as it ever was) might not be kosher was found in a post by Hynes on the blog:

First, it is not true that members of the opposite sex don't like this writer who has attended a number of sock hops and ice cream socials (also, talk about the pot calling the kettle black!). Second, that was a pretty stinging, though reasonably accurate, assessment of Tomasz Winnicki from a fellow traveler.

Months later, and in response to our article featuring the email exchange between ourselves and SOS recruit Jeremy Crawford, Winnicki took the opportunity to slam the SOS and boneheads in general:

Another posted a helpful follow-up:

However, there was some skepticism:


Hey, we can't actually blame "Anthony Lunch" for feeling this way. Hell, we almost thought Crawford was a parody. But we can guarantee that we didn't make him up.

Interestingly, one individual who commented on the thread didn't take issue with Crawford, Hynes, or the SOS, but with Winnicki:

Yet another reason why we call 'em boneheads.


Anonymous said...

Wait. So the East Coast wiggers think the West Coast Warmachines are pussies, even though the West Coast Warmachines spent around $1000 of their own money to come to Ontario to kick the shit outta the East Coast Wiggers?

Yep, E-Bikes, Crack Cocaine and Armed Robbery is THE future for the E.C Wiggers.

Anonymous said...

Somebody the Juggalos can make fun of!

Anonymous said...

When did Alberta become the west coast!?

Anonymous said...

Silly there's no beef with winnicki he's just a weirdo so nobody calls his square polish ass hahaha

Anonymous said...

Its embarrassing that jon marleau is even considered a white nationalist.He is a metis.