Wednesday, October 02, 2013

There's no joy in Mudville today

Casey has struck out.

Congratulations Mr. Warman. From what we've observed over the years this was well deserved.

Of course we are referring to the defamation suit filed by Mr. Warman against Free Dominion and those remaining "John Does" who had not settled. The Fourniers had stated that they would use this case to expose Mr. Warman to the full scrutiny of the public. They were very happy that instead of a judge hearing the case it would be a jury of their peers. On another blog concerning the case our friend Harry Abrams made the following observation:

For years and years the Fourniers and their friends were carping about human rights enforcement in Canada being kangaroo courts. They should now be happy that this matter was finally decided in a “real court.” Also they must have been told from the very beginning, that although the human rights legislation wasn’t their favourite thing, as long as it’s still on the books, then anyone who goes to legislation and tribunal processes to apply for relief isn’t doing anything illegal or unethical. So vilifying them for doing so isn’t a fair go. Also I never thought it was a good idea for them to repeat statements already found to be defamatory and by an especially disreputable character. There were all kinds of opportunities to clean up the blog. They really only have themselves to blame. Looking forward to seeing the decision. I’m sure it will make a fun read…

That jury appears to have decided having a person who believes much of the government is composed of pedophile aliens and a disgraced former teacher who supports violent neo-Nazis (and who himself lost a defamation suit to Mr. Warman as well as the appeal) might not be great character witnesses. The jury awarded Mr. Warman more than $40,000 in damages with further costs to be assessed.

To be honest though, we actually genuinely feel some sympathy for the Fourniers. We suspect that they were given very poor legal advice and were used by some fringe elements. But they also dug in their heels when others made better decisions by settling.

Well what did the Fourniers honestly expect? They and the FD crowd have been in a bubble for years, listening only to their echo chamber and those who wanted to manipulate them like Paul Fromm and Marc Lemire. If they’d talked to a real lawyer, rather than an ideologue they would have gotten proper advice – and I suspect they did get proper advice initially and ignored it until they found a lawyer who told them what they wanted to heare. [sic]

We'll see what happens next.