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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Grande Prairie Freeman Case: Shaunda Turns Self In

Bill Noble's former partner has turned herself in. We note also that Noble has offered his brief $0.02 concerning the arrest:

How can a warrant be issued for someone's arrest for failure to appear in court when they weren't notified to appear in court to begin with?

Ms. Petrova did what amounts to an interview with Noble not long after the raid. We might upload that later.

By Caryn Ceolin, Grande Prairie Daily Herald-Tribune

The 39-year-old woman charged in relation to the “Freemen-on-the-land” allegations surrounding the takeover of a trapper’s cabin 80 km southeast of the city, turned herself into the Grande Prairie RCMP detachment Monday afternoon.

Shaunda Petrova was wanted on an outstanding warrant, issued when she failed to appear in court on Oct. 16.

According to Brendan Cox with the provincial Justice and Solicitor General’s office, Fish and Wildlife officers executed the warrant. Petrova, who lives in Alberta, but is originally from Manitoba, was later released and is scheduled to appear next in Grande Prairie Provincial Court on Oct. 30.

Petrova is the co-accused in the land claims case filled against Paul Fiola.

Petrova, who faces charges under the Public Lands Act, said via an email sent to the DHT that she is not a Freeman-on-the-land, and had every reason to believe that Fiola owned the land they occupied.

The allegations against Fiola, 40, were made public when forestry workers in an oil-and-logging area in the vicinity of Misery Mountain and Karr Creek were alerted earlier this month that a group claiming to be Freemen was threatening trappers. The warning e-mail asked users of the area to avoid the forest access road, explaining the group occupied a cabin and had intentions to “defend it with all necessary force.”

Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development said earlier it was aware that the group was attempting to claim the land as their own.

ESRD sent an eviction notice in June, which was not complied with. According to Petrova, while she nor Fiola left the land upon receiving the order, she believed it was complied with.

“When we received the Order to Vacate…we explained to the men who delivered it that (Fiola) had purchased the land,” Petrova said in the e-mail.

“At the same time, the community of people who we are members of sent a communication to the Reeve, Janis (Simpkins), and other government officials such as the Premier of Alberta asking that your agents cease and desist from trespassing on private land. They offered evidence of ownership and requested a response regarding the matter if there were any concerns. No one responded.

“…I believed in my heart the matter was resolved by the letter from our community leaders and we continued to conduct ourselves as two people who owned land and wanted to build a home on it.”

Petrova has been charged with occupying public land without authorization from the director or an officer; willfully cut, damage, destroy, or cause to be cut, damaged or destroyed, any forest growth land without authorization under the Forest Act; and three counts of failing to comply with an order from the director under section 47(1) of the Public Lands Act, to vacate the Crown lands no later then noon.

Section 47(1) of the Public Lands Act states that a person who occupies public land and is unauthorized to do so, is deemed to be a trespasser and any improvements created by the person are the property of the Crown.

“We cut down a few trees to provide shelter for ourselves on our private property. Other people, companies and organizations plunder this land regularly but you want to make me a criminal for building a home in the forest? I’m sorry, but that just doesn’t make sense,” Petrova said.

“What this comes down to is an issue of permits to be there and that is because of the confusion over who owns the land…

“I’m a social insurance number carrying citizen whose taxes are up to date. I am not trying to skirt laws, nor do I believe I am above the law. I do not drive without a license. I don’t have a claim of right,” she stated.

Fiola, who faces criminal charges of uttering threats, using a firearm in the commission of an offence, and possession of a firearm while prohibited, currently remains in custody and is also scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 30.
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Anonymous said...

Trash is as trash does

Anonymous said...

They are now living in Qualicum Bay BC. Paul is living in a tent on the reservation. Shaunda is in a trailer nearby.