Monday, October 07, 2013

Paulie Doesn't Let An Opportunity Pass Him By

One thing that we noticed regarding the ruling against Free Dominion and the two "John Does" remaining who hadn't been dropped or who had settled earlier is the relative silence of many of their most vocal supporters. We might have missed a comment, but thus far not a word has been spoken about the decision on Kathy Shaidle's "Five Feet of Fury", by her husband who runs, "Blazing Cat Fur", Kate's "Small Dead Animals", Ezra Levant's blog, or on Mark Steyn's website. Some of these bloggers had also been sued for defamation by Mr. Warman (in the case of Arnie at Blazing Cat Fur, he had settled some months ago). Aside from the woman who was providing the blow by blow ("Xanthippa's Chamberpot") and an announcement on the American-based "Free Republic" (of which a good deal of the discussion is unrelated bickering), there has been silence. That isn't to say things will remain silent or that we somehow missed a recent comment regarding the case, but as of this moment, there is silence.

Silence except for Paulie:

When we learned on "Xanthippa's Chamberpot" that Paulie would be testifying for the defence, we couldn't help but think that his presence would not be helpful to Free Dominion or the John Does. But when we read this, we wondered it Paulie had spoken to the Fourniers and the John Does about his own experience of being sued by Mr. Warman for defamation? If he did, was the advice helpful to them or did it ultimately hurt them?

Given our experience, we imagine that Paulie's efforts would serve to primarily help Paulie:

Dude, it looks like the suit and the flag were both packed in
the same suitcase and take out just before your speech.
Is that any way to treat the flag, Paulie?

The above screen shots was taken after the jury rendered it's verdict. He's photographed in front of a display of books and pamphlets that seem to accompany him wherever he speaks. And if it was like most of his presentations, there would also be a price for admission.

And not letting an opportunity like this pass him by, he posted the following on Stormfront:

We know that Mark and Connie spent a great deal of time raising money for their defence.

How much money did Paul Fromm contribute to their defence? And since he is invoking their name in an effort to raise funds for himself, will he be helping Mark, Connie, or either of the John Does financially given the financial burden they will now be facing?

We've speculated about this before. We've received information from those who used to be a part of the "White Nationalist" movement who have their own stories.

Mark. Connie. We know you loathe us. But despite what you've been told and what you have come to believe as an article of faith, we have never lied to you when addressing you directly (or any other time for that matter). We know that any advice we would offer would be construed as an effort to intimidate you or undermine any legal decision you make, so we won't offer any advice.

We will offer a suggestion though.

Whatever you your next step might be, we suggest that you consult legal representation who have no skin in the game and are able to provide competent legal advice. You need to find people who have your interests, and only your interests, in mind.

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Anonymous said...

The Fourniers are not racists or neo-nazis but they were so stupid that when Fromm and Lemire came rushing to their aid against Richard Warman they didn't think to question their motives. Instead they assumed that the enemy of my enemy is my friend and dug themselves into the ground.