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September 2011 Bits and Bites: Blasts From the Distant Past, the Recent Past, and Current News Sandwiched in the Middle

Sometimes we like to revisit some older stories, some of which are so old they predate this blog by close to four decades.

For example, here's a name we haven't heard about in years:

Well, it's not entirely true that you were the provincial Socred leader, is it Paulie?

Anyways, we pondered where we had heard that name before, but Paulie mentioning ol' Geza as being an old Edmund Burke ally reminded us why that name was familiar:

Again, goes to show that Paulie's link to violence was something that goes back many years, something that Matrai himself acknowledges in his biography that Renfeld.... er.... we mean Ralph posted:

But wait? Matrai is claiming here that Paulie and his group received funding from.... gasp! Not the Chinese (we're not sure that his fellow travellers would care that there is a distinction between the Nationalists and the "Reds")?! And there were Jewish and Muslim members!

Oh, Paulie. Matrai is ruining your WN street cred.

Paulie attending a Blood & Honour
rally in the United States.
Oh, don't worry. We don't believe for a moment that the claim of Jewish and Muslim membership is true. You needn't worry about the money from your more credulous followers drying up over this revelation, such as it is. We can't say that for all the other information that has been posted here and elsewhere over the past few years and months.

Speaking of Paulie's links to violence, he is continuing to promote groups like convict Kyle McKee's Blood & Honour faction:

Paulie is referring to McKee and company's latest flyering campaign, one rife with misinformation such that even Jason Kenney stated they were full of shit (in slightly more diplomatic language than we used here, but really only slightly):

Paulie, who has a long history of advocating for and promoting Canadian racist groups like the Heritage Front, Northern Alliance, Canadian Heritage Alliance, Tri-City Skins, Volksfront, and both factions of the Blood & Honour movement in Canada (the B.C. group affiliated with the hammerskins and McKee's group which was formerly the Aryan Guard and is affiliated with Combat 18), has spoken at Blood & Honour/Aryan Guard functions, protested along side their members (including outside Kenney's constituency office in Calgary pictured on the right) and participated in their rallies. He knows these people quite well, which is why we're amused that he considers referring to McKee's group as "racists" and "white supremacists" as "smears." Instead, he makes them out to be fine young men and women who are simply concerned about the direction the country is taking.

Hmmmm, who to believe?

Well, as it just so happens, we can look to what Blood & Honour say themselves. A few days ago they did an interview which is posted on a website which its attempts to appear as an objective and professional critic of Canadian immigration policy. That the group behind the website would allow McKee and company a forum for their views really puts to lie any claim of moderation:

Oh, man. After reading this, well, we just HAVE to post these again!

Right, it's the immigrants' fault you're all like this.

But we digress....

Well, that's all well and good, but when you tattoo, "Kill Jews" on your shins, Kyle, you really don't need to explain how you believe Jews should be treated:

Again, we digress.

But to call them white supremacists and racists is a smear, eh Paulie?

Of course, Blood & Honour support for violence isn't only confined to minority groups. Here one poster on the Blood & Honour International forum posts a news story we covered here two years ago:

Back in March 2009, we wrote an article about these incidents (guess "serb1912" missed that... as well as the actual date of the article he posted). One of the individuals known to have committed the vandalism was an especially stupid bonehead, Richard Martin (someone who is also friends with Paulie, fyi). Martin is now living in Calgary last time we checked after being released from jail for continual harassment of a mother and her young child.

To Blood & Honour though, Martin is a hero:

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