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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Calgary and Vancouver Island Northern Guard Members' Ties To Racists and Antisemites

Looking through the photos taken of the anti-Muslim "Christian freedom" protest at Calgary City Hall from last Saturday, I couldn't help noticing some familiar patches on some of the participants. For example, this one comes from fundamentalist nutbar Larry Heather's Twitter account:

Yep, those would be Northern Guard members.

Truth be told, I can't say that I'm especially surprised. The Northern Guard had expanded westward with a chapter in Saskatchewan, however that chapter was shut down by the folks in New Brunswick who also took over the Facebook group, kicking off every member because the vice-president of the Saskatchewan chapter was a neo-Nazi with links to the KKK. At the time the founder and head of the Northern Guard denied any responsibility for the situation and tried to wash his hands of the whole mess and denied the accusations that the Northern Guard was a racist gang, though given his subsequent support of white nationalism one has to question his sincerity.

In any case, it looks like they have decided to give the west another crack and have named an Alberta provincial president.... at least I think that is the title awarded to one Jeremy Clarke:

As noted, Clarke and company participated in Artur Pawlowski's protest outside City Hall in Calgary alongside such luminaries as Bill Whatcott, Sandra Solomon, the Calgary Soldiers of Odin, and Joey Deluca's Worldwide Coalition Against Islam:

Clarke was, and perhaps still is, a member of the Alberta III% militia:

But getting back to the April 14 protest at City Hall, it looks like a familiar face has hitched his wagon to the Northern Guard in Alberta:

Devon Mannix has been a little more quiet than he was when he was hanging out with the WCAI, though he doesn't seem to be big fans of them any longer since they aren't quite racist or antisemitic enough for him:

Still, it might be instructive to read a little bit about what this guy is all about if you are a new reader:

And then there is some of his more recent wit and wisdom to contend with:

Mannix hanging out with the Northern Guard in Alberta really tells us a great deal about the group in and of itself, but Mannix also helps to understand the ideology of another recent chapter set up on the west coast:

The Vancouver Island chapter of the racist gang gets the full approval of Mannix:

Mannix's support of the this chapter makes sense when one finds the following in their Facebook group:

The more they grow and talk about themselves, the more the reveal of themselves.


Devin Jett said...

Thanks for the shout out .. yours truly Devin jett Vancouver Island NG President ..

Anonymous said...

Hey Warman whats your address ive got some papers id like to send you for criminal harassment, Libel and promoting white génocide.

Anonymous said...

I found it amusing looking at pictures of Jeremy Clarke in threeper group photos. He was the smallest, tiniest looking member, the women looked of larger stature than him.
Not surprising to see him in a smaller organization where he can imagine himself a "larger" player.

Nosferatu200 said...

Devin: I'm pleased to provide you with the rope with which you hang yourself. :)

Anonymous 1: I'm not Richard Warman, but my address is 1234 Yo Mamma So Fat Rd. SE.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the bromance is over. Northern Guard was pro white enough for Mannix, but not quite enough anti jew for his liking....Well some were, just not enough. He will find another suitour to take him to the ball I am sure.