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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

ARC's Response to Outing of "Nazi Mom"

We're sure that by this point, talk about ARC's communication with the woman referred to as the "Nazi Mom" has become fairly wide spread within the bonehead community in Canada and elsewhere as a result of poor security on her part. There is no indication that ARC email accounts have been compromised.

To address the elephant in the room, I will admit that ARC is guilty as charged.

"Nazi Mom" (and she will continue to be referred to as such given the legal issues related to the child custody issue that has been going on for close to 10 years now) contacted ARC in the middle of 2014. While still associated with the movement, she provided information about those individuals that she felt were not of moral rectitude. Eventually, and over the years, this writer began speaking to her on a more human level as I thought that perhaps I might be able to lead her out of the movement that she had been a part of for much of her adult life; those efforts may or may not have been naive on my part, but as I have found some success in the past, I figure that it was worth a try.

In any case, a former friend of the "Nazi Mom" who found himself with access to her email account sent information to myself and others concerning allegations of theft and prostitution, as well as evidence that she had been in contact with ARC for a number of years. One of the individuals who received the information was Bill Noble who promptly posted some of her contacts with ARC on the hate site Stormfront. Among those who replied was Kevin Goudreau who posted messages threatening the "Nazi Mom" and demanding that she reveal more of the identity of your's truly. That thread on Stormfront was either removed or moved to a members only part of the forum before I was able to get any screen shots, though I did manage to save part of the text of one of Noble's posts which will be discussed later.

In response to Bill Noble, I have the following question:

Do you really think that she is the only informant within your movement that ARC has?

If there's one thing I've learned as I've conducted research and written articles for Anti-Racist Canada, it's that boneheads turn on each other at the drop of a hat and for any perceived slight; there is absolutely no honor amongst thieves. I'm not referring to people who were once part of the movement but came to reject the hatred and bigotry that is the key feature of the ideology and spoke to ARC in an effort to make amends for the harm they caused. I'm referring to people still very much a part of the movement, some of whom are in positions of respect within the movement, who have contacted ARC to provide information exposing individuals with whom they are having conflicts with. Noble and others upset by the "Nazi Mom's" contacts with ARC might be shocked if they knew of the other names who have contacted the Collective over the years and who maintain contact to this day:

These represent two individuals whom we ultimately decided that we couldn't "do business" with, but there are a lot of others, many of whom have supplied and continue to supply ARC with very valuable intelligence, though not all of it appears on the blog (at least not right away).

I actually divide sources into four separate categories:
  1. Allied individuals and organizations.
  2. Former racists who have had a genuine change of heart and want to make amends for the harm they caused while associated with the movement.
  3. Boneheads who inadvertently provide information directly to a member of ARC but is unaware that he or she is speaking to an ARC member (i.e. a sock puppet).
  4. Boneheads who know that they are talking to ARC and wish to settle scores with some of their compatriots.
Kevin Goudreau for example would represent the third example, as he has provided ARC with the bulk of information about himself without realizing he is doing so. 

Sorry Kevin. I know you were excited to learn about "Nazi Mom's" contacts with ARC and believed that she was the source for our information about you, but you are very much the best source on yourself. In one case, you actually vouched for a sock puppet I used to utilize claiming that you know "him" through a friend of a friend and that the sock puppet was someone who could be trusted. Thanks for that, by the way. It helped more than you could know.

Another individual who was an example of the third type of informant was our good friend Jeremy Crawford who, for a brief but glorious month, sang like a canary for us.

But I know that it is the fourth category of informant that the boneheads are most interested in, which brings us back to Noble's now deleted (or private) post outing the "Nazi Mom." Although I didn't think to save any screen shots before it was removed, I did save one portion of the text which I think explains why the whole thread was disappeared:
I have an Exhibit C to follow up with. However, it involves a rather racy picture of Paul Fromm. I'll wait until he weighs in before posting that exhibit. Some points to consider, Paul: Any grown man who sends that kind of picture out must fully accept that the intended recipient is perfectly capable of sharing it with numerous unintended recipients. Plus, whether or not it is shared here in this thread, a malevolent entity also possesses a copy of that picture and is perfectly capable of sharing it with anyone they wish, any time they wish.  
I have edited aforementioned image for presentability.
I think this text might be the reason why the thread was deleted or moved to a members only section of Stormfront. The movement protect it's leaders and, for better or worse, Paulie is considered a leader and a spokesperson of some significance (though these days his international cache amongst in the racist movement is more significant than his importance within Canada these days). It would seem that some of the "racy" photos Noble refers to were emailed to a number of anti-racists and racists a few years back; we had possession of those photos at an earlier date, though ARC was not the group that disseminated them meaning that they may already have been circulated in some way. Nary a peep was uttered by the boneheads about the images or what they said about Paulie's marital status at the time. "Nazi Mom" sent us a third photo, one sent directly to her from Paulie, which we will not disseminate either but which is of a very similar theme.

So, with this in mind, perhaps Paulie could explain who REXDALEREX is? Or a profile on the VERY NSFW website ZOIG? Or this line when speaks to women he is interested in: "the moon reminds me of you." Or claims Paulie helped to suppress allegations of a sexual assault committed by Will Williams on a prominent women in the movement in the United States (I note that such an allegation seems to fit a pattern in Williams' relationships with women)? 

None of that came from "Nazi Mom." It came from four other individuals independently of each other and without knowing the others have been in contact with ARC. At least three of these individuals are still very much associated with the movement and one of whom, if knowledge of his identity were known, would shock them. Since I like to keep 'em guessing, I think I'll keep that name to myself.

So congratulations. You managed to catch "Nazi Mom."

But she was ultimately a very small fish.

You should all be much more worried about the albacore tuna that are still swimming about.

Stay tuned. Things may become much more interesting in the future on this file.


Anonymous said...

To cause a real stir why not unblock the whole email so people can see who they were trying to pass info off on.

Anonymous said...

If you guys want to do damage to the nazi scene repost those emails without information blacked out. Especially Bern millars