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April 1 Anti-Muslim Protests and Counter-Protests: Toronto

We're going to focus on Toronto and Calgary in two separate articles since there's a fair about of information to unpack.

We received the following information from a friend who knew some of the people who participated in the counter-protest:
Reports from those who were attended indicated that the Soldiers of Odin and Jewish Defence League were both present, though there were not more than 20 people on the fascist side. One carload was confronted by antifascists in an underground parking garage and, “literally burned rubber” leaving, though it seems that they might have been able to make it to the protest some time after this occurred. As it was, the fascist protesters had a significantly less productive day than they did on March 19. 
The antifascists showed up in significantly larger number than they did on March 19 (though still less than on March 4). The fascist protesters, who could only seem to hold their position for a bit more than an hour, weren’t able to get their speakers working and any chants they may have engaged in were drowned out by the larger group antifascists. All of this contributed to a significant amount of frustration and demoralization on the fascist side 
Unlike March 19, the fascist protesters were unable to march and needed not only the bike police to act as escorts back to the underground parking garage, but also a full riot squad. It was also reported that of the arrests, two were fascists though there aren’t any details concerning who they were or what charges, if any, they will be facing. It is clear though that the SoO were especially aggressive based on some of the photos and videos we’ve seen.
We've seen videos of the scrimmages and it looks like SoO members initiated the violence, an assessment shared by another group who documented the protest:
Soldiers of Odin initiated physical violence to assert themselves as soon as they got to the square. A member of the JDL urged police to "smash her ****ing face" in an openly hateful and sadistic display directed towards a petite female-identified protester. She was aggressively detained by police after approaching the JDL and shouting "shame on you!" She did nothing threatening or violent and only voiced her own opinion.  
Moments later, a Soldiers of Odin prospect wearing a "Sons of Anarchy" Television show hoodie can be seen singing "I love me, I love me, lets gang up and kill Commies." Make no mistake, calling for violence and death towards people for exercising their democratic right to oppose you is an explicitly hateful position.
One of the SoO thugs arrested was this guy, though his name isn't yet known:

The SoO side hasn't helped its reputation when it later posted information attempting to "out" one of the counter-protesters. We won't provide the name of the individual whom Mike Montague (with the impressive title of SoO Canada National Public Relations Commanding Officer/ERT) has tried to doxx, but it seems clear that:

  1. Montague doesn't seem to understand what public relations entails and,
  2. Members and supporters of the SoO are violent, bigoted, misogynistic, ass-hats.

It also clear that Montague and SoO members supporters are big fans of the conspiracy theory that George Soros is behind.... well.... everything.

In Montague's video concerning the Toronto event, not only is George Soros mentioned rpeatedly by those who viewed it, but Montague also claims that "glitter bombs" are laced with LSD.

Nope, not kidding.

There were more than 600 comments at the time of this article so I won't post them all, but the fact that members and supporters are urging the carrying of weapons should perhaps be at least some cause for concern:

And if anyone wasn't clear about the whole violence thing being something that the SoO isn't so adverse to, we would like you all to meet Shawn Mcbeath:

Of course he's a Hell's Angels supporter! I mean, why not?

Shawn was also present at the April 1 protest. He's the guy assaulting a counter-protester....

.... and then bragging about it:

Also present was this guy from the JDL:

At April 1 protest with Sandra Soloman
Zaza Vili (the head of JDL Canada's security) was present at the AIPAC event in Washington D.C. in which a Palestinian-American was assaulted by two JDL thugs, including one Canadian. In this video, Zaza and another JDL member/supporter attack and equally deplorable antisemite videotaping them. I suppose this is one of those situations where both sides are equally vile and, should there be violence, one might almost be inclined to just sit back and watch the show:

Yeah, given this context, perhaps this is a bit awkward?

Why yes you were there Claude:

Claude Roy is an SoO member whom we've been aware of for a while. Besides the JDL, he has some other interesting friends:

Perhaps Claude could explain the meaning of 1488 and Rahowa to his new friends in the JDL? I'm sure it will be a very interesting discussion.

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