Sunday, March 06, 2016

Three Canadian Racists Supporting Donald Trump: Sort of Funny

This past Saturday Republican primaries were held in Kentucky, Maine, Kansas, and Louisiana. Donald Trump managed to win both Kentucky and Louisiana by fairly comfortable margins. It was amusing then when we listened to the talking heads on MSNBC pontificate on whether or not the endorsement by David Duke would hurt Trump in Louisiana, a state where the former Klan leader was once elected to the state legislature and where he was the Republican nominee for governor.

Of course it wouldn't hurt Trump.

David Duke is only the most prominent American racist to come out in favor of Trump. Others include Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and  Matthew Heimbach who recently was caught on video assaulting a protester at a Trump rally. But Trump is also getting some love internationally from the far right including xenophobes in the UK, France, the Netherlands, and elsewhere.

Here in Canada, the folks with PEGIDA Canada and posters on the anti-Muslim/refugee/government sites we've started monitoring have come out strongly for Trump. So too have members of our racist movement including Paulie. From last month's London Forum where he was a featured speaker:

And a recent post:

On that note, we thought we would profile three other Canadians who support Donald Trump's race to the White House, though it could be easily argued that there influence in the Canadian movement, already on the fringes of society, is minimal to nonexistent.

We sometimes like to amuse ourselves.

The first is former Canadian Nazi Party Leader John Beattie. John is particularly confident in Trump's ascendancy to the most powerful office in the world:

He's also especially impressed with Trump's oratory:

And who could blame him with soaring rhetoric such as this:

But what Beattie does not like is the prospect of Americans fleeing the country to come to Canada in the event of a Trump victory:

We suspect that Beattie has a very different understanding of the meaning of pride in one's life and accomplishments than does most of society.

Another supporter of Trump is Paulie's new mark.... er.... we mean friend, Brian Ruhe:

We should hasten to note that the most interesting part of the video is when he indicated he is a literal card carrying member of the Conservative Party....

.... a fact that no doubt will not sit well with decent members of the former governing party:

If there are any Conservative Party members who read this blog, you might want to consider letting the party bosses know about Ruhe's membership. We're betting that they won't be pleased.

But as for Ruhe's claim regarding Trump's honesty, well....

Finally, one of the kookiest fellas we've covered here on the blog, Ron Banerjee:

We've come to expect the histrionics of Banerjee publicly making a fool out of himself, just as we've come to expect posts such as this on his Twitter account:

Right.... moving along....

Banerjee's Trump endorsement (which is worth slightly less than a bucket of warm spit) is presumably based on Trump's pronouncement that he would deport Syrian refugees already in the United States and impose a ban on Muslim immigration.

Oh, don't think that Banerjee has forgotten about his irrational hatred of Sikhs:

Justifying murder of Sikhs in Wisconsin temple

More on the murder of Sikhs by Volksfront member in Wisconsin
Operation Blue Star reference

The last screen shot is actually fairly interesting. He references South Carolina governor Nikki Haley who has endorsed Marco Rubio and has spoken out against Trump. Ms. Haley was born to a Sikh family but who converted to Christianity. One would think that in Banerjee's warped mind, this would be a plus.


He's now expanded his hatred to also include Christians:

In reference to one of a number of attacks by Hindu nationalists
in India against members of the country's Christian community.

Considering Banerjee has, in the not so recent past, attempted ingratiate himself to white, conservative, Christians who share his feelings about Islam, we have to wonder if perhaps he's feeling a bit rejected and lashing out.

Then again, he has always been a proponent of Hindutva which is a fascist ideology:

Regarding Trump's religious beliefs, Banerjee isn't convinced, though he has absolutely no problem with Trump lying about religious convictions:

Though this isn't to say that Banerjee wouldn't welcome Trump (just as he made the same offer to Rob Ford) should Trump decide to convert:

We wonder when Banerjee, who has in the past proudly trumpeted his connection to Meir Weinstein's JDL, will express his true feelings about Jews? And we wonder what Meir will be so willing to continue defending him?

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