Monday, March 21, 2016

Canadians United 4 Canada Founder Responds to ARC Articles

It was a matter of time:

Oh, where to begin?

Word of warning though. There might be a little bit of snark:

I love how people can just say we are a bunch of racist people, when they don't even know who we are.

Well, if the shoe fits....

And considering what we've learned about much of your membership and whom you've chosen to support, we do believe the shoe fits very well, in sort of dystopian Cinderella sort of way.

If it makes me a racist because I want Canada to be the same as when I grew up then I guess I am.

Honesty is the best policy.

For you ARC morons my mother is Native, so before you want to call me racist make sure you know my back ground.

Bigotry isn't confined to any particular ethnicity (see Louis Farrakhan and David Ahenakew as two examples).

I dont [sic] see why you kind of Liberals are so damn blind and can not see what has happened over in the UK, Germany.

Unlike you, this writer has been to both the UK and Germany a number of times. Neither are what you seem to believe them to be.

What you think because we are giving them everything for free they wont feel the same way?

We're not quite sure what this word salad of a sentence means, but we have a feeling that it would serve you to actually look at objective evidence which flies in the face of this claim.

You want to point your finger at Soldiers Of Odin will at lest they have the balls unlike you to keep your girlfriend/wives safe from any kind of attack. 

We notice that you haven't denied any of the claims we made in our article regarding the Soldiers of Odin. Why is that?

Also I do not see nothing wrong with anyone proud to be white

And how was being born white an accomplishment worthy of being proud of?

That said, this writer has a great deal of pride in her Polish heritage. Unlike your friends though, my "pride" is not expressed in the denigration of other cultures, something that your new "white pride" friends do routinely.

My friend who is from Chilly [sic] is proud to be from there, does that mean he is racist?

Is your friend cold?

Oh! Never mind! You meant to write "Chile." And no, pride in heritage does not equal racism. However, you might be interested to learn how your new "white pride" friend view your Chilean pal.

These people came to Canada and became a Canadian citizen and learn English and our ways so they could fit in.

Which is ironic given your own failure to master written English.

So lets all be proud to be white Canadians who care for our country.

So people who are not white aren't really Canadians?

Ms. O'Farrell's supporters jumped to her defense with cries that white people are really, "the most discriminated against" people in the world, mainly because some white people are being called on their bigotry and they really don't like it:

There was some additional fallout. Though it didn't last long Soldier of Odin member "Jay Cam" who has links to Kyle McKee temporarily resigned as an administrator of Canadians United 4 Canada:

And who jumped in to support Jay?

Of course you hope Jay stays involved, Paulie.

Really. The folks at Canadians United 4 Canada aren't helping themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Canadians United 4 Canada you say? I think I've see some of their ridiculous memes... but after reading this I have to check it out next time I need some lulz...there is no troll like a critical thinking troll.