Friday, March 04, 2016

Protest Organized in Response to JDL's PEGIDA UK Event in Toronto

On Saturday we posted an article which included information regarding a PEGIDA UK event organized by the JDL. At this event the leader of PEGIDA UK, Paul Weston, would be speaking.

Looks like there's another welcome committee being formed, though one decidedly not sanctioned by the JDL and unlikely to be particularly welcoming to Mr. Weston:

No fascists in Toronto. Shut down Paul Weston of anti-immigrant Pegida (UK)
Thursday, March 10 at 6 PM in EST
788 Marlee Avenue (one block west of Lawrence West subway station, just south of Lawrence)

On Thursday March 10, the extremist Jewish Defence League will be hosting British fascist Paul Weston at a meeting at 788 Marlee Avenue - around the corner from Lawrence West subway station. Weston will be attacking Syrian refugees as a "threat" and opposing immigration generally. Weston is a notorious fascist, and conspiracy theorist whose articles mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik cited in his manifesto. Weston is the former chairman of the British Freedom Party, a splinter group founded by former member of the neofascist British National Party and is active with the racist English Defence League.

Come out to protest this meeting and make it clear that fascists are not welcome in Toronto. Bring banners, signs, noisemakers, and friends. 788 Marlee Avenue is the Toronto Zionist Centre and is around the corner from Lawrence West subway station - when leaving the subway go one block west on Lawrence and then turn left on to Marlee.

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