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March 2016 Bits and Bites: PEGIDA/JDL Protest Bust, Your Ward News in Warman's Cross-hairs, and Free Dominion News

We'll be posting an article detailing Canadians United 4 Canada's links to racist boneheads and an article to be published soon, but in the meantime we thought we would provide our readers a little bit of irony today:

But we do digress.

When we reported that the JDL was holding an event featuring PEGIDA UK speaker Paul Weston, we noted that there were plans to protest outside the location where the presentation was taking place.

Ron Banerjee, noticing that we had provided details about the counterprotest, claimed that his one man organization Canadian Hindu Advocacy and his mostly one man organization Rise Canada would discuss providing security for the event.

The JDL's Meir Weinstein, a man who has helped to promote Banerjee in the past and who has also both justified and refused to condemn Banerjee's racist, misogynistic, anti-Sikh, Islamophobic, and now Christophobic rhetoric.... well.... he seemed rather unamused:

The event did take place though and Banerjee did attend, as did it seems at least a few members of PEGIDA Canada:

Lots of "likes," but not a lot of comments which, had the event been well attended by PEGIDA Canada members, would likely be discussing how much they enjoyed the speeches. Instead, there's this:

Someone who was present at the event provides the following take, including the claim that Banerjee bravely sucker punched one of the protesters:

The folks at PEGIDA Canada did post photos of the counterprotest which interestingly dredged up an old Stormfront member, though he hasn't been active on the hate site since March 23, 2006:

When he was active though, Sloane posted such gems as these:

We've had some information on this guy for a decade, but no photo so we didn't know what he looked like. That's changed:

Thanks Wayne.

Staying in Toronto, Your Ward News continues to be a going concern, however it seems that the rag under James Sears may be experiencing financial difficulties after having lost all but a tiny handful of their advertisers:

Our readers will note that the publication now claims it is being delivered to 300,000 homes with a readership of a million. Our readers will also notice that instead of publishing a March 2016 edition, it has published only a Spring edition indicating that as of now "Your Ward News" has become a quarterly. Sears' explanation seems a little hamfisted:

Perhaps. And perhaps Sears does have a sugar daddy who is helping to keep "Your Ward News" afloat for now and maybe even well into the future. If this was all the bad news, if Sears is even telling half the truth, they could potentially weather the storm.

But this isn't all the bad news and that storm may be very well be upgraded to a typhoon:

By Charles Mandel in News, Politics | March 8th 2016

That is indeed very, very, bad news for Mr. Sears:

Richard Warman wrote Public Works Minister Judy Foote and Canada Post president Deepak Chopra in early March to ask for a halt to the postal distribution of a Toronto publication called Your Ward News.

Warman told National Observer that the newsletter was something he was aware of that was floating around the Toronto area.

“It had sort of a bad smell. When I finally had the chance to look at it closely, I was shocked to see the kind of bigotry that was being disseminated through Canada Post.”

Despite what Tom Winnicki seems to believe....

.... we have a pretty feeling that Mr. Warman doesn't need the incentive of a financial penalty (which we're guessing never came close to covering his costs in the first place) to deal with "Your Ward News." We would also add from past examples that when Mr. Warman has a target in his focus, that target learns very quickly that tangling with him was ill advised.

Not exactly folks who are living in their mothers' basements, unlike "Your Ward News" supporter Tom Winnicki who at 40 literally still lives in his mother's basement.


Finally, Mr. Warman continues to attempt to collect damages owed him by Connie and Mark Fournier of the defunct Free Dominion for defamation. Apparently "principled conservatism" involves shirking financial commitments. Unable to contact either Connie or Mark (neither of them all that anxious to provide contact information, mid you), Mr. Warman's attorney reached out to them via twitter which actually did result in a response:

Yeah, this doesn't fall under PIPEDA. Not even close.

As of today, no word yet on whether Connie or Mark have contacted Mr. Warman's attorney or if they are still holed up in a bunker subsisting on canned baked beans and reading old copies of "Soldier of Fortune."


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Looks like Kinsella is about to sue the Happy Gang.

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Banerjee seems to have worn out his welcome.