Thursday, March 10, 2016

Canadians United 4 Canada vs. Canadians United For Canada: Splitters!

If there's one thing we come to expect when monitoring far right groups is that they inevitably begin fighting amongst themselves. The latest example is a squabble between the administrator of the Islamaphobic and racist Canadians United 4 Canada which we've mentioned on the blog with a PEGIDA supporter from Ontario who evidently set up a rival Facebook group called Canadians United for Canada.

Really folks, we can't make this stuff up.

The crux of Mr. Doerksen's beef with Ms. O' Farrell is what he characterizes as Canadians United 4 Canada's, "skin head [sic] connection":

Ah, a link to both "skin heads" (we presume he means boneheads since REAL skinheads are NOT racist assholes) and the RCMP? Paranoia abounds.

And the reaction was typically apoplectic:

Still, others weren't all that happy being told which anti-Muslim/Syrian/refugee/government Facebook group was acceptable and which ones were not:

It really is hard for these folks to get along.

Now, though the folks at Canadians United 4 Canada claim that they do not support boneheads, that isn't exactly true based on whom the administrator of the group has publicly come out in support of this past week:

But this we'll leave for an upcoming article.

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