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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 2014 Bits and Bites: Ontartio Civic Elections Edition

On September 15 we wrote about Paulie's latest quixotic effort to achieve electoral office and noted that he has received an endorsement from the august leader of one of the numerous KKK factions in the United States, Tom Robb:

To get an idea of how pleasant a fellow Tommy Robb is, we provide these additional images:

Now, a normal politician might shy away from a character like Robb but Paulie, of whom there is little that is normal, happily accepted the Klan kudos:

Unfortunately for Paulie, Robb can't vote in the upcoming Mississauga mayoral election. Neither can Luke Northmore of Kingston or Wes Smith of Toronto, though both appear to be a little confused on that fact.

Be that as it may, Paulie filmed an election video to highlight his platform. The production value was, as always in a Paulie video, stellar:

Aside from not being able to hear Paulie (which we don't necessarily suggest is a bad thing), the visuals don't exactly match the rhetoric. The traffic flow seems to be pretty decent for a large city. Having driven in Vancouver, Calgary, and Winnipeg, it doesn't seem like Mississauga is all that bad by comparison, at least as presented in his video.

He couldn't have picked a time when traffic was crawling?

While Paulie is focused on what he considers big city issues (non-white Canadians) former Canadian Nazi Party leader John Beattie is focused on what he thinks are rural issues (non-white Canadians). On September 1, the "Toronto Star" published a less than flattering story on the man and his campaign. Beattie, delusional as ever, believed it would result in more votes:

You know, it isn't often that someone eagerly anticipated pity votes. That's both pathetic and sort of hilarious.

Now we were well aware of the "Toronto Star" reporter's interview with Beattie because, by coincidence, September 1 was also the day we published the screen shots of emails sent to folks on what he thought was a secured blind email list and the "Star" interview was discussed at length in those email messages.

It would appear however that Beattie believes that the release of the emails is also a harbinger of his great victory in the Minden election:

Uhm.... no. No, your opposition won't be messing their pants, John.

But your performance has been more entertaining than we had originally anticipated.

We perhaps should have mentioned that moments after we published out article, we sent those same screen shots to media in Ontario. While we might not be well read in Haliburton County, we have a feeling that this publication does:

John Beattie emails say campaign a 'cover'

By Matthew Desrosiers - Editor | September 9, 2014

The Highlander has received numerous emails sent by Minden Hills deputy-reeve candidate John Beattie to unidentified individuals that indicate his nomination for deputy-reeve is a cover to spread racist ideals. 

Beattie has confirmed he sent the emails, saying there was a “mole” in his blind list. A blind list is an anonymous email contact list. He has since been unavailable for contact with regards to the emails.

The emails in question are filled with strong racist language, alluding to the “race war” and multi-cultural enemies. In an email dated Oct. 24, 2013 – prior to the beginning of the election – Beattie made clear his intent to run in Minden Hills. 

“At this point I feel really good chance will win the spot in the fall 2014 elections,” he wrote. “The entire village of Minden knows my past inside out, so smears in fall 2014 by public rag media won’t hurt one iota.” 

“If I win for the 4-year stint, listening to complaints over pot holes and loose dogs is part of the job &[sic] for me a great cover!! JUST THE FACE THAT IT IS ME, known promoter of our White Race, known promoter of Our British Roots, already covers that base for good!! … It was a well-known local that urged me to run for the election post. Am I[sic] doing it for our cause, even if road holes are my ‘cover’!!”.....


Anonymous said...

this is unrelated but i hear that Rob ratmore was stabbed pretty good and needing 30 stitches to his face. i don't know if this was recent or not? but it sure seems like that goof is getting what he deserves anyway.

what ever happened to the appeal?

Anonymous said...

^^ Given the fact that only two people were given a line about "30 stitches", i'm getting pretty damn good at weeding out the REAL "rats". Just blew your own cover, well done :)

Anonymous said...

the anti and the rat you two should get married match made in heaven.