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John Beattie's Blind List and the Civic Election in Minden

On August 10, we posted an article concerning Jeff Goodall's efforts to win a seat on the Oshawa city council. As an unrepentant member of the old Edmund Burke Society and as an unrepentant racist, we were quite interested in his campaign. His friend, former leader of the Canadian Nazi Party John Beattie who is campaigning for the position of deputy reeve in Minden, Ontario, was quite happy with our article as he believed it would result in more votes for Goodall. However Goodall dropped out not long after our article was published citing the difficulties of a city-wide campaign. We had, somewhat tongue in cheek, taken some credit for his leaving the race. Goodall denied our article had anything to do with his dropping out of the race, Beattie at one point believed that our article was a contributing factor. Soon after though he apologized to Goodall for having written that the ARC article "scared [Goodall]" and caused his departure from the race.

Now, if our readers are wondering how we know so much about this, the reason is that we have had access to Beattie's email blind list for close to three years. Well, indirect access. We aren't on the blind list itself, but we are on another mailing list in which Beattie's messages are also included. Call it a sort of racist news aggregate. We never paid much attention to his messages (we actually got to the point where we were deleting the mailing list messages we were receiving from this source because they weren't especially interesting or useful), however Beattie's decision to seek elective office in Mindan resulted in our keeping tabs on his messages.

A few of his earlier messages, including one where he states his belief that elections are a waste of time as well as one that mentions lil' ol' ARC, are included here:

Back briefly to Goodall, we actually have Beattie to thank for letting us know that Goodall was running in the first place:

Our post on Goodall's campaign resulted in this message:

Three days later, Beattie responded to a message from Goodall regarding his dropping out of the race. In than exchange, some pointed comments were made about Calgary's Kyle McKee and "The Goudreau" from Oshawa, both of whom had contacted Goodall:

Beattie seemed a bit confused by why we "linked" Goodall's departure from the civic election to him, though he was still pleased to receive the, "free publicity":

Beattie mentions Goodall again in an exchange with "Marg" in which he suggests that our article was the cause of him dropping out. He also mentions two incidents with journalists. In the exchange with the "Toronto Star" reporter whom he refers to as, "'The Star' queer" he states his belief that the publicity he has been receiving will result in his victory in October. Regarding the attempt of a journalist from "Vice," Beattie discusses how she, and the Star journalist, were attempting to undermine him:

The next day he apologizes to Goodall:

The last message sent to Goodall had nothing to do with the campaign, but does give a sense of what Beattie at least finds humour in:

This certainly wasn't the only racial epithet Beattie uses in his emails to his blind list followers. He has had a rather contentious relationship with the local media, including one individual who covered the racist gathering Beattie organized in 1989:

A follow-up message four days later was especially nasty and serves to confirm that Beattie is just as much a bigot now as he was when he was the leader of the Canadian Nazi Party back in the 1960s:

What we will now post are some of the messages Beattie sent out to his blind list followers. We won't include any commentary. We don't think any commentary is needed:

This is in reference to the screen shot below. Beattie
doesn't seem to understand sarcasm.

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