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Monday, September 15, 2014

Paul Fromm's Exercise in Futility

We were actually planning on taking much of the month off. The lead writer has a hankering to learn the harpsichord and freed up much of her schedule to do so. Others were planning on other projects, but then Paulie decided to do this:

Paul Fromm, 65, threw his name in the race yesterday. He was fired from his job teaching English at Applewood Heights Secondary School in 1997 after he ignored warnings from administrators not to continue associating with known racists and white supremacists. The B'Nai Brith and other organizations had complained about his conduct at a series of right-wing political rallies.

That's right. Paulie is running for mayor on essentially the same platform as he did in 2010. Immigration causes traffic problems:

Paulie's boast to have finished in the middle of the pack during his previous mayoral run, while technically accurate, is yet another one of his finely polished turds. In fact his total vote count was under 1000 and he received only 0.65% of the vote:

Other than his abysmal showing he was practically a top tier candidate....

But the real reason for his run, we humbly suggest, can be found at the bottom of his announcement where he asks for donations. He makes a similar request here:

It sort of looks like Fromm wasn't actually prepared and it almost appears as if his entry was a last minute decision. When one currently tries to reach his campaign website, one is greeted by this:

And his campaign bumper sticker, if at all possible, is even more unprofessional than the last we made fun of (though he did make it more difficult, though not necessarily impossible, to have some fun with it):


Note the effort to improve the banner with an acrostic poem that a 7 year old would be ashamed of:

"Fromm Reaffirms Our Mississauga Mayoralty?" What does that even mean?

But regardless of the clusterfuck that his campaign is sure to be, he did receive what he may very well consider to be a high profile endorsement.

Tom Robb of the Harrison, Arkansas-based KKK.

We don't think that this campaign is going to go so well for Paulie. Rumor has it that he has lost a lot of credibility with even those who have in the past supported him. He knows he isn't going to win, but he might also be disappointed by what he learns of his current standing in the movement.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

He is doing it to get donations.Ripping off ignorant people is his full time job.