Thursday, March 20, 2014

Southern Ontario Skinheads Gone Walkabout in Kingston

On March 15, boneheads around North America participated in an event called, "The White Man's March." Well, "participated" might not be an accurate description of what happened on that day. What might be a more accurate description is that a lot of boneheads talked about participating in, "The White Man's March" in their respective communities but ultimately did nothing.

Yeah, it was sort of a HUGE failure, though the boneheads would have you believe that is was really a HUGE success.

One group that participated in the event was our friends in the Southern Ontario Skinheads who traveled to Kingston, Ontario. Wes Smith was ever so kind as to provide some photos:

They apparently spent time flyering and acting brave when members of the Kingston Police Service asked them what they were up to.

Now, as this event occurred a few days ago, our dear readers might be asking us why we are so slow to update the blog. That's a fair question and deserves a an answer.

The reason why we haven't mentioned it until now is because we were trying to figure out who attended based on the shitty photo they provided (really, SOS members take terrible pictures):

Left to right: Paul McCarroll, Wes Smith, Dan "Buddy" Hall
(aka: Odin TheCelt.... really dude, if you want to conceal
your identity, you might consider a different ski mask and
jacket), Gatlin Gooding, Max Hynes, Luke Northmore, Jared Gilkes,
Simon Letourneau, "Mike White" (which may or may not be his real name).
We have an idea who "???" might be, but the focus isn't clear enough to make a definitive identification.

But still, we have to thank the SOS for their cooperation.


Anonymous said...

Seriously? These people show themselves - above ground, in daylight? On their hid legs, yet? Hey, Dirt Bag Cowboys - meet us on the Napanee MAIN LINE - 'KAY? I have some friends who'd love to meet your asses...people like you...always drawin' first blood, then- hidin' out in the dark! That, won't win NO war, Losers!!

Anonymous said...

"..consider a different ski mask and winter coat.." D'oh!

Dick Fidgett said...

So DID anything happen in Alberta on Saturday the 22? I heard rumours of something planned for Calgary, but I take it nothing happened?

Anonymous said...

U guys make me laugh what a joke. if you guys knew anything you could print a real article maybe. but that's okay you keep writing articles from table scraps..Lucius !!