Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Robert Reitmeier Found Guilty

Rob Reitmeier guilty of 2nd-degree murder, says jury


Self-proclaimed white supremacist charged after 2010 beating death of Mark Mariani

CBC News Posted: Nov 20, 2013 9:53 PM MT Last Updated: Nov 20, 2013 10:09 PM MT

Self-proclaimed white supremacist Rob Reitmeier has been found guilty of second-degree murder by a jury in the 2010 beating death of Calgary man Mark Mariani.

After two days of deliberating, a jury of 11 returned the verdict at 9:51 p.m. MT Wednesday.

They are now tasked with recommending parole eligibility for Reitmeier.

Second-degree murder carries an automatic life sentence with no chance of parole for at least 10 years.

Mark Mariani, 47, was found beaten in an alley behind a strip mall in northwest Calgary on October 3, 2010.

Tyler Sturrup, Reitmeier's friend, is already serving a life sentence for the crime after pleading guilty in March.

Police have said both Reitmeier and Sturrup are linked to neo-Nazi groups but that that was not a motive for the crime, which they said was random.

These old screen shots taken a few years before the murder of Mr. Mariani are especially disturbing in retrospect.


Anonymous said...

Does Reitmeier not know that the Columbine shooters were Jewish?

What a muppet.

Anonymous said...

While this is excellent news... it will not bring Mark back. One can only hope that prison will actually do its job and reform Tyler and Rob, however I'm not holding my breath as 10-25 years can harden a person more than soften.

An Observer said...

You people disgust me beyond the point of comprehension. There was no considerable evidence that there was any wrong-doings on Rob's part and the fact that even the law is responding to hear-say so viciously just makes bile rise in my throat. I am completely anti-racist, anti-supremecy, anti-homophobia and everything else of the sort and even I think that this is wrong. I hope you all go to hell for the problems you have caused for Rob and his family, especially his wife, who happens to be a friend of mine and is completely cut up over the result of the trial.

Maybe one day you and the authorities will see the light and come to the right decision. He doesn't deserve to live behind bars. He deserves to be with his wife and family. The twisted liars that spun Rob into this awful murder are the ones that deserve imprisonment.

Nostrils200 said...

Right. You sort of need to look up the definition of hearsay.

"The evidence of those who relate, not what they know themselves, but what they have heard from others."

There is video evidence that the men were present at the strip mall.

There is physical evidence connecting Reitmeier to the spray paint used; the spray paint used dries in 11 minutes AND the same paint was found on the victim's clothing.

There is recorded conversations between Sturrup and Reitmeier in which they both implicate themselves.

This isn't hearsay evidence. It is evidence. You MIGHT argue circumstantial, but even that is a huge stretch.

As for the rest of you're comments, you think Rob is a stand up, decent, guy. We think he's murderous scum.

Seems the jury agrees with us. You know, based on the evidence presented.

Anonymous said...

Dear "Friend of his wife"

Its unfortunate that rob made the decisions he did, leading him to a life behind bars, taking HIMSELF away from his family and wife. I understand how hard it would be to be in their shoes, but that was Robs poor decision making, poor fore site, lack of morals, and lack of though of all the people he would impact by what he has done. People who knew or know Rob know he is capable of such violent behavior. Previous circumstances have shown it time and time again. If and when he does get out, I honestly hope he will have learned that he is not the only person he effects the life of. I feel bad for his family, but in reality, he did something and is now paying the consequences.

Mark did not make a choice to leave his family or to lose his life. It was taken from him. He will never be "getting out" or have a second chance to do things differently.

Christina, You are damn lucky that you did not end up hurt or worse because of what happened, and the fact that you may or may not have witnessed something so brutal and disgusting that these lovely gents would have gone to any lengths to cover.
If you are still raising that baby, Why don't you do the right thing, and raise it to be a smart, healthy, contributing person, who will surpass everyone's expectations. Someone who may give back some of what Rob took away.

He was found guilty, in my opinion, not wrongfully. Let him keep pleading his innocence, but if you keep accepting it as the truth he is never going to LEARN FROM HIS MISTAKES. and when he gets out he would be as much of a threat as before he even went in.
Be smart, Move forward with you life, Dont let the shit you find yourself surrounded by drag you down for good. The longer you are in it the farther you sink and the harder it is to get out and live a productive happy life that you are content with. Trust me. I know it very very personally.

Anonymous said...

"Seems the jury agrees with us. You know, based on the evidence presented"

Actually, you agree'd with the jury. Quit stroking your E-Peens and check yer gramma'. Yo.

Naberius200 said...

What Anon #3 said.

Anon 4: (-‸ლ)

Anonymous said...

To the mothershit that helped ruin my life, aka Robert Reitmeier, karma is a bitch. I hope you rot in jail.

Anonymous said...

His life isn't ruined, far from it. Looks like you're still gonna be waiting for your "karma".

Anonymous said...

Agreed anon 5 :)