Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Responding to Hate Speech With More Hate Speech? Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!

Yesterday we received a tip about someone we had never heard of. As we were busy with another project we didn't get to it in a timely manner. Seems we should have paid more attention.

Meet Wendy Sullivan. Warren Kinsella knows more about her than we do, but suffice it to say she isn't a very pleasant person.

The reason why we are paying attention now is as a result of this recent tweet:

Nice, eh? Actually her tweet may be in response to this particular story which, as BCL and other sources not is being rightfully being investigated as a hate crime (truth be told, we dropped the ball here by not covering this story, something we plan on rectifying).

That is the proper way to handle hate speech. What is not a proper way to handle this is calling for the murder of Muslims.

Bernie Farber called her out on this tweet and eventually Ms. Sullivan heeded his council and sent it down the memory hole:

While it's good that she saw the wisdom of removing the offending tweet, it's not as if whimsically advocating the killing of Muslims is a new thing. We decided to take a look at some of her previous tweets covering about a week, starting on August 7.

Here is a sample:

Sigh. So much dumb.

This is of course this irony. IF Ms. Sullivan's missive directed at Muslims was a result of Elias Hazineh's hate speech, then she might be interested to know that Hazineh is, in fact, a Christian.

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Anonymous said...

I simply cannot understand this sort of thing. I grew up among Muslims in Alberta,, i.e. Lac La Biche which has the oldest Mosque in Alberta built in 1909. These folks settled and survived with us half breeds in a rugged place coming when Alberta was still known as the North West Territories.

Now these new comers have the audacity to seek my hatred.... wow...