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Paul Fromm: Summer Instructor at Kamp Klan

Clockwise: Paul Fromm, Billy Roper,
Rachel Pendergraft, Thomas Robb
Some time ago we reported that Paulie, who lost his job as a teacher in 1997 and later had his certification stripped from him, would be in Arkansas in August 2013 to, in his words, teach a course to "students" attending a Ku Klux Klan seminar. Well, we suppose he didn't actually refer to it as a Klan seminar (the name given is the SOTC Training Institute), but given that it was organized and hosted by Thomas Robb, a man described as the national director of the KKK (at least the faction that David Duke organized in the 1970s who's leadership was followed by Don Black, a man with his own link to Canadian boneheads including Fromm) we think it's fair to refer to it as a Klan event. We actually like what others have described the event as though: Klan Kamp.

Paulie has been attending Klan events for a number of years now, though again he has always seemed to have been careful not to actually refer to these events as being hosted by the Klan. However since Paulie has become an active user of social media, that veil of respectability he has attempted to cultivate for himself since he became active in right-wing fringe politics in the late 1960s has crashed and burned, a fact that becomes readily apparent as one peruses the pages of this particular blog.

Regarding the Klan itself for example, Paulie has very nice things to say about the founder of the racist terrorist organization:

So, what happened at Kamp Klan? Paulie provides some details from the first day of the event:

So far a lot of similar themes actually including, and perhaps not surprising given the Klan's origin, the wet dream of a collapse of the American government which will allow the emergent neo-Confederate states to put, "dem' colored folks" in their place.

Robb continues:

Paulie's own part in this Klan shindig was to provide instruction in pseudo-linguistics and pseudo-history:

You know we've been following Paulie for quite a long time now but we never get tired of, or slightly creeped out by, his insistence on writing about himself in the third person.

Also on the schedule was another former teacher, Billy Roper,

We would suggest that most of those hypothetical Albertan ranchers, if they know who Billy was and what he advocated, would beg to differ. But it is interesting that Roper continues to push people to move to what he refers to as the heartland given the efforts of Craig Cobb. Then again this isn't exactly news either as boneheads have been pushing for their fellow travelers to head to the Midwest for a few years now

Finally, Robb's daughter Rachel Pendergraft laments that the Klan has been libeled as being..... gasp!


No! Not the Klan!!!

Right. It's all propaganda. We can't imagine why people would think the Klan specifically and "White Nationalists" in general, is violent.

By the way, here again is Billy Roper speaking to a large group of neo-Nazis about his desire to exterminate "non-whites" at Aryan Fest in 2004:

Oh, and here's Rachel's daddy dreaming of a very white Christmas as well:

You're right Rachel. We're just not sure why people think that "White Nationalists" such as those in the Klan are violent or favor the use of violence.You know, except for the history of arson, intimidation, beatingslynchings, planned murders, weapons charges, and bombings the Klan has engaged in for close to 150 years. Other than all of this, the Klan has certainly been unfairly maligned.

But at least Paulie himself is above all of this.



More on this coming soon..

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