Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Paulie Goes to Bat For Craig Cobb

So it seems the revelation that fugitive, neo-Nazi (er.... we mean Creator), bonehead, and all around douchebag Craig Cobb has his sights set on transforming a small North Dakota hamlet into his own little  Bergof isn't sitting well with the good folks of the state or his employer. Or, we should say ex-employer. Word is that Cobb has lost his job. Now given his tendency to shoot his mouth off, we suspect that his claims of being a model employee are a little self-serving. And despite his claim that he was fired for his political and/or religious beliefs, we also suspect that creating a hostile work environment for the non-white employes isn't necessarily a freedom of conscience issue.

Though that hasn't stopped Paulie from giving Cobb a platform:

So, referring to Craig Cobb, a man who wants to create a memorial park named after Hitler and install a Panzer tank in honor of the Nazi Wehrmacht AND who espouses an ideology of racial superiority and genocide that actually might be even more extreme than the actual Nazi Party as a neo-Nazi is a smear?

Paulie then proceeds to post an open letter written by Cobb urging supporters to action. It has been redacted for reasons that will be obvious:

Right. Because encouraging boneheads, some of whom will without a doubt threaten the former employer with some sort of physical retribution, is a great way to get your job back.

And asking a who's who of American boneheads, fascists, neo-Nazis, and.... well, suffice it to say one will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Well, perhaps Paulie is just protecting his investment? Cobb has offered him land in the future "Cobbville." Not sure if it is on Rudolf Hess Ave. or next to Matt Hale Park though.


Anonymous said...

WTF, the hate crimes department in Vancouver really let Canada and the world down when they gave that f*#**er a pass back to the US. Apparently threatening someones life again is A OK with the authorities both down in the US and up here.

Anonymous said...

See NY Times on-line August 29 - featuring an article about Cobb.

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