Thursday, August 01, 2013

McCorkell and Love Update

A week ago we published an article noting the link between Malcolm Ross and the late Robert McCorkell (McCorkill), at least regarding the estate. The main focus of the article was the injunction obtained by Isabelle McCorkill (Robert's surviving sister) which has temporarily blocked the distribution of the estate outside New Brunswick; the sister is challenging the bequest, which extends until the trial, on policy grounds. It seems likely that other interested parties will intervene in support of Ms. McCorkill's efforts. Below is a copy of the injunction:

Also, a few days ago Brad Love's bail was revoked and as a result was sent back to jail. Paulie's take on the matter seems a bit melodramatic:

Malevolent State Revokes Brad Love's Bail -- Letter Writing Political Prisoner Heads Back to Prison

So what's the deal?

Earlier this week, inveterate letter writing Brad Love flew back to Ontario to turn himself in -- on Thursday. His bail has been summarily revoked after the death of his mother, who was his surety.

Mr. Love is appealing his conviction last year and 18-month sentence for "breach of probation." The lengthy probation gag resulted from his 2003 conviction under Canada's notorious "hate law", Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code. At the culmination of a series of escalating conditions, Mr. Justice Hogg (no kidding) forbad him to write to anybody, without their consent. In 2009, Mr. Love sent four packages of writings and clippings to a number of Toronto Jewish groups, having phoned and obtained their consent. This was not good enough, Last year for Ontario Court Justice Kelly Wright who said that their had not been informed consent convicted Mr. Love and sentenced him to a further 18 months in prison.

We should note that this issue appears to be separate from his more recent legal problems in Fort McMurray.

The rest of Paule's missive contains the usual rhetoric, including the claim that the letters were not of a violent nature and that Love is a political prisoner.

Given what we've learned about the letters Love has sent, Paulie and we have very different understandings about what, "not violent" means.

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