Sunday, May 12, 2013

Michelle L. Erstikaitis Really IS a Super, Duper, Nazi! No Fool'n!

Last week we received a message from someone proporting to be Michell Erstikaitis. As the message is chock full of da krazy, we are going to assume that it is indeed her.

Suffice it to say she REALLY wants it to be known that she is a neo-Nazi. Really. She actually wrote that she is a neo-Nazi. A, "hardcore" neo-Nazi to boot.

The following was originally sent to a friend, but as it wasn't published there and because Michelle really wants the attention, she sent it to us as well, though slightly edited.

I first came into the movement at fourteen years old, dating my first Skinhead, and then I continued dating skinheads for most of my life. The most recent high profile guy that I went out with is Chris Brosky, a Northern Hammerskin.(Yes, the same Chris from Texas who killed a black man) 

Madame, given what we've seen of your history, it doesn't seem that you are all that picky about the men
whom you date. That fact aside, Chris Brosky, pictured on the left is featured in our "History of Violence" article for his involvement in a racially motivated murder in Texas. Upon his release he returned to Canada and as of the last time we checked he is currently living in Toronto (at least since 2010).

I'm sure that Chris appreciates the name dropping, Michelle. Honestly, are you certain that it was a good idea to use the name of a man convicted of for his involvement in a murder to bolster your, "neo-Nazi" street cred?

Some idiot has speculated on the ARC collective (in the comments section) that I was dating a 23 year old skinhead (the ARC was trying to identify him from photos of him at the march, wearing an 'SS' on his shirt collar and standing in front of a flag for the Church of the creator) but he and I are just friends. The reality of being a woman in the movement is that the men treat you like a whore...have you ever noticed that there are hardly any women in the movement? This could be why.

So, on the one hand, she is fully supportive of the movement. On the other hand she is disgusted by the movement's misogyny.

Got it. Have to tell you Michelle, you're really sort of bad at selling fascism as a viable political alternative.

And again, is it really a good idea to have named the guy with the "SS" insignia on his collar? What? You didn't think we would talk to our friends? That's right everyone, Michelle decided to name drop the "SS collar" dude too. According to Michelle, his name is Chris Edmunds from St. Catharines. She also named the awkward looking guy in the winter jacket as Douglas Pearson; she claims he drove to the London march with Paulie.

Given that Michelle seems to be a chronic liar, rest assured that we will be doing further background checks on these names.

Anyway, I am a hardcore Neo Nazi, 

Okay Michelle. You win. You are a, "hardcore Neo Nazi [sic]." It might however interested you to know  that neo-Nazis rarely actually refer to themselves as neo-Nazis. In fact, most really hate that term. You call yourself a neo-Nazi around your neo-Nazi friends and there's a good chance you might just be considered to be a bit of a poseur.

and the ARC has underestimated me, 

No we haven't. You may take that however you wish.

perhaps at their own peril. 

We somehow doubt that.

They've got photos of me working in REAL politics, working on an NDP campaign in 2008, working on a Progressive Conservative campaign in 2011, showing up at Paul Fromm's meetings regularly.

We especially like the ones that were posted of you with Edmunds, Ross, Lemire, and Love:

What they don't seem to realize is that because I am far more politically involved than losers who put white laces in their boots and consider themselves political, I AM MORE DANGEROUS..

The courts would agree with you Michelle, at least regarding the dangerous part of the above comment.

We're contemplating organizing a pool to bet on when Michelle will next get picked up by the police. As she has indicated here and in the past, impulse control isn't one of her strong suits.

I am friends with the Mayor of Toronto, and I know everyone who works in his office on a first name basis.

And I am the Queen of the Marsh Pixies.

Michelle, you really need to learn how to lie better. The key it to make it believable. Really, you might have well have said that you are friends with Brad Pitt and smoked pot with him in a hot tub.

By the by, this writer actually does know someone who smoked pot with Brad Pitt in a hot tub. Actually it's more of a, "friend of a friend" situation, but I digress.

When I telephone them, they immediately say "Hi, Michelle".

And is there restraining order involved in this scenario at all?

The ARC has written repeatedly that I am not a White Nationalist, pointing to the fact that when I was nineteen years old, (I am 34 years old now) I wrote letters to Paul Bernardo, and threatened the mother of one of his victims in defense of him.

Not one of your better plans was it Michelle? Sort of set a bit of a tone for your life, eh?

Is there any reason that writing to Paul Bernardo ( a good looking blond haired, blue eyed man) disqualifies me to be active in politics?

No, but your now decades long obsession can disqualify you from being taken seriously. Or it could disqualify you from being considered well-adjusted. Or mentally healthy. Or as a member of the human species.

We could go on if you would like?

No, there isn't. I am VERY politically involved, and I know several big name MPs personally.

Okay. Name 'em. Double dog dare ya!

Again Michelle, make your lies believable because otherwise we 're just going to keep laughing at you.

And I am a Nazi.

And as we have already established, I am a Marsh Pixie.

So, keep on mocking me and underestimating me, and I will continue to attend University for political science, work at political newspapers ( Most recently I was employed at 'Your Ward news' and I even wrote a story on my friend, Luka Magnotta, for the April edition.. you can read it by going to .... ) and attending political meetings.

Yeah, you want to be taken seriously, you might not want to claim writing for LeRoy St. Germaine's rag as an avenue for legitimate journalism or refer to Luka Magnotta as a friend.

You say that I am not a Nationalist at your own peril, because I am the most dangerous kind of Nationalist. I am far more than shoelace politics... I will bring Nazism to Parliament.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce you to the female Kevin Goudreau.

You've got some competition now Kevin.

Heil Hitler

And a big mazel tov to you.

Sincerely, Michelle L. Erstikaitis

P.s I am using a computer at the Library across the Street from my boyfriends apartment, so the I.P address is useless to you.

Yeah, we really aren't all that interested in finding you.

Boy Paulie, you sure know how to pick 'em.


Anonymous said...

"That fact aside, Chris Brosky, pictured on the left is featured in out"

Typo at the end, should read 'our' next to the first image in the text.

Your Ward News said...

We were quite proud to have had Michelle L. Erstikaitis as a former reporter for our newspaper. Her intelligence, personality, wit and charisma are rare assists in the field of journalism, something that frankly your blog does not have. As a libertarian paper, we do not always see eye-to-eye with some of Michelle’s views yet it would be ridiculousness in the extreme to deny her commitment and dedication to her beliefs. Michelle has lead a very interesting life, and stories form her past are fascinating yet untapped by the local media. Other then your continued attacks on her, the fact you promised at one point to stop writing about this woman proves your own journalistic integrity is in question. The ethics and standards of your blog is abysmal, posting lies and distortions with little more then Facebook as a reference. The fact you place personal photos of private individuals on your blog, requesting identification is intolerable, acting as your own personal NKVD. I highly doubt Michelle wrote that letter, and if she did I can assure you she did not send it personally. I highly doubt Michelle would ever reveal any names of personal acquaintances, and am totally inclined to believe you used other sources of your own. The fact that you would hint threats against her and use her name for your own psychological operations is despicable. And for the record Michelle personally knows Rob Ford and is very active in city hall, as anyone who truly knows her can vouch.

Anonymous said...

I am a friend of Michelle, and she told me to send you this simple message... the names of the people who work in the Toronto Mayor’s Office are Tom Buyer, Michael (who is black by the way) and Chris. Go verify that. Have a nice day, :)

Kurt Phillips said...

Your Ward News: Okay, you say she knows Rob Ford. In what capacity? As a "journalist" with your publication or in some other capacity?

Anonymous said...

Being so far right, I would make Hitler look like a gay Communist, these people are not Nationalist Socialists. Covering yourself in tattoos and goose stepping on negro skulls, is not White Power. It's a joke.

These people shown for the most part are nothing short of street thugs, without the ambition of any sort of long term goal. Live for today, end up in jail tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I just thought you might like to know it only costs $300 to hire a private investigator, and we intend to hire one as we are just dying to know who you are Nosferatu. Perhaps we can have coffee some time.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kyle mckee was convicted and is about to get released.

Anonymous said...

I contacted the National Post and the office of the mayor of Toronto. I'm sure they will vouch for her and her very popular views, I'm sure.

Sevy Verna said...

<3 ur blog, Kom-rad!

Anonymous said...

and the ARC has underestimated me,

No we haven't. You may take that however you wish.

perhaps at their own peril.

We somehow doubt that.

Anonymous said...

These people really are a CULT, ever been to one of their Orwell "Free-HATE-Speech" award ceremonies (a lot like the "Dundies");)

Your Ward News said...

The previous comment by Your Ward News is hereby retracted. The delusional promotional advertisement archived above shall have no force or effect past this current comment. 'Duh!