Monday, May 20, 2013

Fromm Amps Up The "Yuck" Factor

Only Paul Fromm could make a statutory holiday seem smarmy:

Not that we have much love for this particular imperialist icon, but we're sure Vicky would not be amused. Neither would John Brown who is rumored to have been well antiquated with Victoria's freaky side.

She let him see her ankle. Once.

Then again, Fromm and Gerard Bechard, two men known for their popularity with the ladies, did find a statement made by the long dead monarch with which they could both agree.

Wow. And you say that "White Nationalists" have a hard time attracting women to the movement? Even when you could have all of this?

Yeah. You know you want some.


Grammar Slammer said...

It's statutory, not statuary.

Naberius200 said...

Stupid autocorrect!


Anonymous said...

not related to this story, but FYI:

Harry Abrams said...

Pass the gravol...please!