Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Eric Sheridan: ARC Sometimes Grants Requests

Meet Eric Sheridan. He and his Mini Me are members of Max Hynes' Southern Ontario Skinheads, a group Max has claimed isn't violent.

Wait. No, this isn't a really good photo. Let's try this one.

Better, but one really can't see his sloping brow ridge and the permanent expression of befuddlement all that well.

Well, we suppose this will have to do.

Anyways, as Eric is a regular reader of our blog, we figure we would grant him a request. It seems he did something recently for which he is quite proud:

Now, if we didn't know better, we would think that Eric is bragging about committing an assault on May 1 (likely earlier in the day).

His dimwitted friend Davie (who we should note is suggesting that they stalk and assault university students) also seems to refer to May Day which commemorated and honours the struggles and victories of the international labor movement. Boneheads associate anything with the left as being communist, which begs the question of why his buddy is a union man?

But we digress.

So, if any of our dear readers learn of someone who was assaulted today by a guy with racist tattoos who looks like an extra from "The Hills Have Eyes," you might want to direct that person to this post.


Anonymous said...

Oh little interwebs nazis... So big and strong over facebook! Grrr! What bad asses.
I highly doubt they talk like that in public. I know if you call any nazi wannabe out in my city, they deny their "beliefs" in fear of getting THEIR heads kicked in.
Remember kiddies, you travel in packs because you can't fight alone, you travel in packs you are each others clones, you travel in packs you have small dicks, you travel in packs you make me sick!

Anonymous said...

Take this for what it's worth: Davie Kukla used to go to teenager parties on the Toronto lakeshore and start fights that he couldn't finish. This often resulted in him being chased away, yet he always returned for the next one. He is a coward who would not act on his own. He goes around faking a Scottish accent, even though he is really Canadian. Interesting that he'd resurface again years later on this site. One of the most messed up people I ever had the displeasure of meeting.