Saturday, March 23, 2013

Free Dominion Creeps Ever So Slowly Towards Sanity

Not that using "sanity" and "Free Dominion" in the same sentence shouldn't still be considered with a grain of salt.

Over the last few months, it has become increasingly apparent that a number of individuals, including moderators, have grown very tired of Edward Kennedy's rantings, much of which have been virulently racist and increasingly violent (he has been most recently writing about how he could sympathize with men who murdered their wives during divorce proceedings). A tiny sample of recent examples:

Okay, this one is from a few years ago, but still, Ed is not a nice man.

None of this (and by god, there is a lot more) has been enough for the good proprietors of Free Dominion to call Kennedy to the floor, though we suppose they could have done so privately. But Kennedy's propensity for antagonizing and attacking other members of Free Dominion has finally resulted in him being shown the door:

Now this might just be a temporary ban. If he's allowed back, perhaps he will behave himself, though we think it's more likely that he will be spitting angry and rail against his oppressors and the enemies of, "truth and justice" on Free Dominion.

But in the mean time, Free Dominion, while still as crazy as soup sandwich, is just slightly more lucid for now.

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Harry Abrams said...

Awwww. the old curmudgeon is just misunderstood, that's all.