Saturday, March 09, 2013

Another Former Aryan Guard Member Arrested

In a February 22 post concerning violence in the racist movement, we also included an article and suggested that we would soon be learning more about the assault and it's link to some of the people we cover here on this blog. On March 4, while we were focused on Tyler Sturrup's guilty plea in the murder of Mark Mariani, we failed to also note that arrests had been made in the assault in Kitchener, Ontario:

CTV Kitchener
Published Monday, Mar. 4, 2013 1:45PM EST 

Three people are facing charges in connection with an attack at Victoria Park last summer.

On Aug. 24, 2012, a man was assaulted in the Kitchener park.

At the time, police said he was attacked with an unknown edged weapon and hard, metal object. He received cut to his head and abdomen.

Police announced Monday that three people were arrested in February in connection with the attack.

M.K, a 23-year-old Kitchener resident, was arrested Feb. 20 and charged with aggravated assault, public mischief and obstructing police.

Eight days later, two more suspects were arrested in Calgary and Winnipeg on Canada-wide warrants.

Calgary resident Eric Marshall, 25, and 24-year-old Lavoie, MB, resident Jessie Lajoie were transported to Kitchener and are both charged with aggravated assault, disguise with intent and conspiracy. 
Jessie Lajoie
Our readers will be well familiar with at least one of these names, however, for the benefit of any new readers who might stumble across our little spot on the World Wide Web, here is a brief introduction:

Jessie Lajoie: A friend of the "Nazi Mom," Jessie moved out to Calgary for a few years along with hois then girlfriend and became active first in the Aryan Guard and then it's successor, Blood & Honour (which was essentially the same group anyways). Jessie and others eventually had a falling-out with Kyle McKee and his loyalists, however Jessie remained very active in the racist movement. One such example of his continued active involvement is his participation on the Combat 18 forums where he serves as the moderator for the Canadian section using the name "Endsieg." After the birth of his child, and as many of those in the racist movement who claim what they do is for "white children" and "family values," Jessie abandoned the mother of his child and hooked up with another woman who was also for a time active on the Combat 18 forums. This woman's online name was "rizz88" but she is better known to friends and family as M.K. 

M.K: Truth be told we don't know a hell of a lot about M.K other than her, "on again, off again" relationship with Jessie. She was for a time active on the Combat 18 forums, but her account wa
s later suspended, perhaps at her request. She was reported to have been engaged to Jessie, but then the engagement was called off and they were reported to have broken up. Then we were informed that they were going to live together in Winnipeg, but only days before she was to have flown to Winnipeg M.K dropped out of sight, deleting her Facebook profile and seemingly making an effort to hide from the world. Given the time she did all this, a little before we published our article on the assault in Kitchener, we might have some cause to consider there might be a link of some sort.

M.K actually contacted us back in September, 2012 asking for us to remove her name and picture from the blog after we had reported about her giving Bill Noble a hard time about a post on this blog:

Hi , I have recently been made aware.

You have made a Blog post regarding to Jessie and Bill's arguement that I was apart of.

Let me first state that I am not longer apart of any sort of retarded movement regarding Nationalism and I was caught up in a mess.

Secondly , Jessie and I are no longer dating ..

That being said , I would like to ask if you could take me off this post. I have since deleated my B&H forum account. I have removed myself from anything dealing with so called Nationalism and Am Attending college for social work and would like a clean slate and fresh start.

If you are understanding of fresh starts please allow me this much as this blog post could damage my schooling and future career aspects.

thank you .


We gave her the benefit of the doubt and blacked out the profile picture on her posts. We also asked her, in return for our good will, to provide some background information on the movement, specifically about the assault that took place in Kitchener (we've known about it for some time, as well as Jessie's involvement, but had no absolute proof so we didn't report on it then). Her response?

OKAY , what?... uhm Firstly my image being slightly blacked out. to where just my eyes don't show is hardly enough

secondly as for the attack , I honestly wish I knew more details of who or what I know what i've heard from people thats about it. I know that it was not that severe though it was bad non the less, I know that it's scary , and a tramatic experience and that i wish to have absolutely no further envolvment with any of these people and have been trying to move on with my life in the best way possible but keep getting dredged up in these sorts of scenarios .

I've been terrified and was pre-warned and I did not listen , I have and need to move on with my life. and the post set my normality back ALOT.!

That's all you know, eh M.K?
Eric Marshall

Lies make baby Jesus cry.

Eric Marshall: A resident of Calgary, Eric has been someone we knew about, but at the time didn't think significant enough to really dig up information on or to write about. Seems we might have erred in that assumption. Eric was closely linked to a number of far-right figures in the Calgary racist scene, but did not seem to be a significant player himself and appeared to us to be relatively quiet. We do know that he's dating a women attending the University of Calgary who first name starts with the letter "t".

Might we suggest, "t", that you reconsider your choices of boyfriends? There ain't much of a future on the path you've chosen.

As for the victim of the assault, we've been told that it was another member of the racist movement and who also, for a brief time, resided in Calgary as a guest of the McKee-aligned Blood & Honour. He attended the last of the Calgary marches in 2011 and then later organized a march in London, Ontario, which went really, really, badly.

We're not sure if we can legally post this individual's photo as he is the victim of an alleged crime, but we think most of our longtime readers know who it is we are writing about here.

We'll provide more information as it comes to us.


Anonymous said...

I know this girl. She has kids of her own. I am a parent. And before I had my children I didn't care about anyone. Not even myself. But as soon as I had my first child I changed. I would not do things that would jeopardize my being there. Obviously these individuals are not true parents and are most likely part time parents.

Anonymous said...

This chick has a history with bad apples. this link is about one of her baby daddy's. ( Yes plural like you would expect anything less from someone like this) he was convicted for manslaughter. The city really needs to take a good look at her ability as a parent. People like this should not be allowed to have children period.

Unknown said...

Well fuck me running. Was dating her and the lies started to all add up. Claimed this incident happened in England where her and her now ex husband resided. Split from her 2 weeks ago now and stoned and curious at 3am decided to google her real name. As of now,her name is Roe, or roe bee on IG. This has been a mind fuck and a half. Thank fuck for the googles 🤦‍♂️😂