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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Doug Christie: The Truth Will Out (Prologue)

We wrote earlier that we will not speak ill of the dead, but that doesn't mean we will be complacent when many in the media whitewash Doug Christie's history, portraying him as someone who selflessly fought for people's right to speak freely and hold unpopular opinions. We've always said that our problem with Christie was not his defence of people who's views, (and in many cases actions, such as this recent case) were reprehensible, but that he held the same views as his clients. That remains as true now as it was when he was alive.

But then again we really haven't done a very good job of examining Christie or those views on this blog. In light of the efforts of some.... well.... revisionists who hope to bury a fairly lengthy historical record detailing Christie's ideological connection to his clients and supporters, we're going to attempt to provide an alternative (and we believe more accurate) point-of-view. And we will allow Christie himself to write that history.

We suspect that this effort may take a while, so much like our expose on Marc Lemire, we are going write a series of articles that we hope will provide a clearer picture of Doug Christie and his views.

We leave our readers with a preview of our first article:

Western Separatist Papers: October, 1994

Massive influx of non-European immigrants of cultures totally alien to our traditional culture. Schools have to open late in Toronto to accommodate Jewish new years. Now Muslims want the same treatment naturally. Someone writes that it may be right to have Christian employees work more hours than "minority" religious workers. The affirmative action policies of the Ontario government already mean that 90% of all new jobs must go to non-white males. But about 50% of the new work force who are now in school are white males. So what does the government official say when asked what it all means to the future of thousands of able-bodied white male schoolchildren? He replied that the new law was "balancing the scales of justice and whether you like it or not, folks, it's coming."

The whole Canadian way of life is sick. Our European heritage is being progressively undermined while a whole range of other cultures are being promoted. The essence of the new culture is tolerance, tolerance of anything. The crime in Canada continues to increase and become more and more violent as the attitudes of the Third World become the attitudes of our streets. Violence is becoming racial while Ottawa demands that whites be silent about it or be labeled racist.

Much more later. Stay tuned.

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