Saturday, February 16, 2013

Topham Continues Posting Antisemitic Screeds

The wheels of justice turn slowly. But they do continue to turn in the case of Arthur Topham. BCL recently noted that the Crown is not going to allow Topham to turn the court into a circus by allowing him to use it as a venue to air his antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Also of interest, it appears that the Crown will be using the Noble case (R. V. Noble) as a model for sentencing (here and here). So if convicted, Topham will be looking at 6 months incarceration followed by three years of close supervision.... though we do have to note that Noble repeatedly violated the terms of his release during his three years of close supervision with seeming impunity.

Paulie dutifully shares the views of Topham concerning this bit of news:

In the meantime, being on trial for disseminating hate propaganda certainly hasn't stopped Topham from continuing to do so:

Arthur. Baby.

You really aren't helping yourself here.

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Anonymous said...

If Noble was under close supervision i'd hate to see what would happen. He did what he wanted with no penalty whatsoever. That's the Freeman way don't ya know. LOL...Yeah Dean.