Saturday, February 09, 2013

40+ Years of Paulie

Received this message in response to our previous post:

There's a wonderful picture of baby-faced Paulie, soaking and out cold, after he lunged at William Kunstler and the old man defended himself by dousing him in a pitcher of water. It was carried in papers across North America in May 1970 and was Paulie's first major foray into media stardom. If you could dig that one out of the archives I'm sure Paul would really appreciate it. 

You mean this incident, we presume?

Does it look like Paulie is a velvet jacket to you too?

Jesus. Paulie was a fashion disaster even in his 20s.

Sadly we can't seem to find our copy of Paulie after the soaking (and after he learned it was a bad idea to attack William Kunstler), but we'll see what we can dig up.

But for this photo, we say to our anonymous reader, we do believe you owe us a beer.

UPDATE 1: Well that was quick. We found it.

Make that two beers. And not some shitty domestic crap. We expect something imported. From Belgium. And we don't mean Stella Artoi.

UPDATE 2: Holy crap! We need to look through our files more often!

Make that 3 beers.


Anonymous said...

This Blog has ran it's course. In the past articles the writers or simply Nos2000 has admitted to searching and grabbing articles from MSM and other sites. There is zero original input regarding articles on here.

Time to put this Blog to bed or atleast try and write new material. The thought of beating a dead horse is aptly fitting here.

Nosferatu200 said...

I don't necessarily disagree with you in some ways actually. With the collapse of some of the more significant racist groups in recent years, there has been less material to work with. This isn't a bad thing though. However it's seems to be a sad fact that organized racism is a bit cyclical. We might be in a bit of a lull now, but it might not be too long before we're busy again, and I would rather be bored and inactive than busy with the knowledge that people are being hurt.

This isn't to say that things aren't happening, but it's much more under the radar and we've actually taken this time to readjust our intel gathering strategies so we could focus more on Golden Dawn and the racist elements of the freeman movement.

We've also directed our attention to documenting the history of the racist movement in Canada, especially focusing on the 1990s and the Heritage Front. Some of our posts will reflect this project.

Dick Forrester said...

at least find out and post something about whether there are any marches taking place this spring!!! we got about a month...

Anonymous said...

aha! Face!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this Blog has done more harm than good. Posting information and other material may indeed drive the Far Right movement even more underground, which could hinder any law enforcement agencies from gaining creditable information.

Like you said, there may be a lull in outright actions, by the Far Right, but perhaps they're just planning actions under the radar.

Just a opinion.

Nosferatu200 said...

I'm not sure we would look at it that way. The Internet became an effective tool for propagating hate propaganda and recruitment. Hate groups in the meat world expanded in large part because they were able to, for lack of a better word, advertise online and get a much wider audience than they otherwise would have gotten.

If that tool is taken from them, or if they feel it's too much of a risk to use the tool, then they become less able to recruit or disseminate their message.

This rationale might be a little self-serving, but if we have played even a small part in making hate groups in Canada less effective, we think that's a good thing.