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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Christie Drops Out of Topham Case for Medical Reasons

Found the following posted to Topham's website:

“Dear Arthur:
I regret to advise that Mr. Christie has been diagnosed with an advanced form of liver cancer, and has received medical advice that he cannot practice law any further at the present time. In these circumstances, it will be necessary for you to seek other counsel as soon as possible.”

Doug Christie had been rumored to be in poor health for some time now. Specifically, he was believed to have been suffering from prostate cancer. If that's true case, the cancer appears to have spread to his liver. And if he is dropping clients, it leads us to conclude that his long-term prognosis isn't good.

This writer had an uncle who died as a result of liver cancer and, based on that experience, knows that it is a hell of a way to go.

Time will tell how this affects Topham's case moving forward.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

There's still the date of Apr 2 for the "preliminary hearing." This I believe is 3 days to hear a challenge to the propriety of the search of Mr. Topham's residence and seizure of his computers and electronic memory devices. Not even the whys and wherefores of the charges. There aren't many of these kinds of hate expression cases done. A case like this is just authorized by a local judge. It has to be authorized by the BC Attorney General's office. So it's entirely up to Mr. Topham whether he's represented or not. The matter is proceeding. It's not unusual in these kinds of cases for the respondent to do a no show. That's what Bill Noble did some years ago. It still carried on. I think there's already a tentative date for the actual hearing in June or July.