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Sunday, February 24, 2013

According to Fromm, Christie's Prognosis is Quite Dire

Fromm posted the following on his Facebook account earlier today:

Lawyers like Gerry Spence, someone this writer admires a great deal, defended individuals he didn't agree with but who he believed deserved a fair trail. Our issue with Christie was never his defence of the likes of Topham, Tremaine, Zundel, Fromm, Droege, and others their ilk, but with his affinity and support of beliefs of his clients. That is his legacy and it can't be whitewashed.

That being said, and while some of our readers may take issue with this writer for what I'm about to say here now, but if Christie has only 6 months I hope the time he has left is spent with his family (he still has young children). I hope that he uses the time to reflect his life and perhaps reconsider his views. And, when the time comes, he passes on with as little suffering as possible.

I don't celebrate death, even for those mentioned on this blog. I hope for redemption and believe people can change. And this applies to Doug Christie as well.

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