Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Terry Tremaine: Dumb. Very Dumb.

On Monday we had suggested that we would likely learn what Terry Tremaine's sentence for contempt would be, however that obviously didn't happen.

Today we learned a possible reason for the delay:

If any of this is remotely true, then even Paulie can't polish this turd.

Basically, on the day his sentencing was going to take place, Terry Tremaine tried to to an end run around the Crown in an attempt to claim he isn't responsible for the content of the website now and, as such, should no longer be subject to a penalty. At least this is how we read it.

And judges just LOVE these kinds of stunt being pulled in their courtrooms.

This writer thought that Tremaine might be given a suspended sentence. She would now like to amend that prediction as it seems very likely now that he will be spending some time as a guest of Her Majesty in a small cell.

Now, we're curious to know who Terry's American benefactor might have been? It seems like something Bill White would try to pull, but he's currently out of commission himself. Don Black? Doesn't seem like something he'd do.

Perhaps we'll learn this at some later date.


Bernard Klatt said...

You can check with Richard Warman to confirm that Bernard Klatt was interested in purchasing the rights to the NSPCanada website. Judge Harrigton issued an order blocking the password transfer.

--Bernard Klatt

Nosferatu200 said...

Is is Mr. Klatt who posted this message?

We know it is a commonly held belief that Mr. Warman contributes to this blog or even is aware of who the membership is. You might want to consider the possibility that may not actually be the case.

So, perhaps you can enlighten us yourself?

Paulie claimed that the website was sold to some entity in the United States. You are not an American Mr. Klatt so there seems to be a bit of a contradiction here. Care to explain?