Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kevin Goudreau Threatens to Kill Mark Zuckerberg

Original, uhm.... "art" by Patricia
Manignal who also gave us this.
It's been a while since we've written about, "the Goudreau" pictured on the right (well, sort of.... she really is awful, isn't she?). Last we saw he was now posting on VNN claiming to be the leader of a vast movement in Canada. We presume that he hopes that the folks at VNN will be more credulous about his claims than were those on Stormfront. He's likely going to be disappointed. 

We take, the Goudreau with a healthy grain of salt, however there are times when we do have to take the snivelling creature a little more seriously. Like when he threatens to have people murdered.

We suppose we can say it began when the Goudreau signed up to Facebook after again being kicked off.

We're amused by a few things here. First, we find it funny that Paulie still has no understanding of the law, be it civil or criminal, despite acting on behalf of some boneheads who have faced legal troubles like Terry Tremaine. If he's so upset, then perhaps he should have actually read the terms of service (that, to be fair, few bother to look at) before clicking on the box agreeing to them?

Second, that the Goudreau thinks (encouraged by Paulie) that boneheads such as themselves would be able to buy enough stocks to get any sort of voting control of Facebook since Mark Zuckerberg owns more than 50% of the shares and, thus, outright control. That, and to purchase even 1% of the shares available, boneheads would have to scrape together hundreds of millions of dollars even with the massive drop in share prices since going public.


Yes, these are very, very stupid people.

But as much as we might laugh at the foolishness of these cretins, we do find ourselves more than a bit concerned when we also start reading posts like these:

There was also another threat leveled at a well-known (at least to people in this field) researcher who's primary focus is on monitoring the racist movement in Canada. It will be included in our email to the police, however.

Like all of the Goudreau's claims and statements, it's hard to take him seriously.

But then again, there are times when one shouldn't take a chance.


Rev.Paperboy said...

forward this shit to the RCMP. Last I heard, it was still illegal to make threats.

Rev.Paperboy said...

Maybe send a copy to the Facebook authorities as well. Mr. Zuckerberg probably has his own squad of pitbull lawyers who may be able to put Goudreau in the poor house just for laughs.

Kurt Phillips said...

The information was sent to the appropriate parties even before we posted it to the blog.

As for Goudreau being put in the poor house, that would be a step up for him given what we believe his current financial status is.