Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sturrup Drafting Charter Challenge?

We've got to admit we aren't sure where Sturrup is going with this. Perhaps Reitmeier's wife, who has so frequently posted defences of her husband, might be able to shed light on this?

Our guess is it might have something to do with the length of time it is taking for his case to go to trial, but that really is just unsubstantiated speculation on our part.

Reputed neo Nazi charged with Calgary murder drafting Charter challenge

By ,Calgary Sun
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One of two purported white supremacists charged with murdering a Calgary man will make an unspecified Charter challenge in advance of his trial next spring.

Tyler William Sturrup appeared briefly in Court of queen’s Bench Friday to set deadline dates for written briefs for his constitutional challenge.

Crown prosecutor Susan Karpa told Justice Suzanne Bensler specific dates needed to be set to ensure defence counsel Tonii Roulston could proceed with her Charter application in March.

The first of those dates, Dec. 6, will be for Roulston to file a “skeleton” Charter notice to the Crown, so Karpa can review it in advance of a pre-trial conference the following day, she told Bensler.

A completed notice will be filed with the court by the end of December with Roulston given until Jan. 31 to file her written argument.

Karpa will have until Feb. 28 to produce her written reply in advance of oral arguments during pre-trial motions on March 24.

The heavily tattooed Sturrup, 27, did not address the court during his brief appearance.

Sturrup is charged along with a second man, Robert David Reitmeier, with second-degree murder in connection with the death of Mark Mariani on Oct. 3, 2010.

Mariani, 47, was found dead in an alley on 16 Ave. N.W. in what police said was a random killing.
Police said following their arrests there was no belief any affiliations the pair might have with white pride groups played a role in the killing.

Sturrup’s trial is scheduled to begin April 22.

Reitmeier, whom the Crown is prosecuting separately, will stand trial beginning Nov. 4, 2013.
Both men remain in custody pending resolution of the case.



Anonymous said...

Its really pathetic how the Police keep claiming that Stirrup and the other brute that they had "no belief any affiliations the pair might have with white pride groups played a role in the killing". When in fact a red swastika that was painted over the scene of the murder was the major clue that led them to the two in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Just dropping by to let you know a sighting of Billy boy (aka Bill Noble) in a metal show in Winnipeg.

It's interesting to see him talking quite friendly with a guy that may be Mexican and for quite a while too.

In fact, Billy boy was wearing a shirt of a band whose frontman is a by his standards a half-breed. He's also quite happily listening to a band full of Jewish/ Israeli members and a band of Brazilians.

Methinks, Bill Noble is a white nationalist on the Internet only... What's the point of having a stupid belief system if you don't follow what you preach? Geez....

Ps. The guy is not even tall and is quite skinny. I gotta admit I was actually surprised of that one.

Christina said...

Can, won't. Go fish.
What I will tell you though, is that Robs bogus sexual assault charge was thrown out of court, as it should have been long ago.

Not guilty. Sounds good, eh?

Kurt Phillips said...

Oh Christina. It's not as if we actually expected you to tell us anything. ;)

I might also suggest to you that having a sexual assault charge, "thrown out of court" isn't the same as being found not guilty. Number of reasons why the Crown might have dropped the charges. Perhaps the alleged victim decided not to testify? Maybe the amount of time between the alleged crime and a trial made it difficult to prosecute?

But hey, whatever helps you sleep at night, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hasn't anyone figured out yet, Christina's just as messed up as her "said" husband.

Anonymous said...

you're words are just as much bullshit as you are... i agree with nosferatu

Anonymous said...
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