Saturday, October 13, 2012

Golden Dawn Petitition

Our friends with Toronto SHARP are commenting on the Golden Dawn problem now as well so we invite our readers to take a look at their most recent post concerning the matter.

In the meantime, we received a note requesting our support:

Dear Sirs,

We ask for your support in our efforts against Golden Dawn (Greek Nazi Political party / Neo nazi Organization) establishing itself In Canada, specifically Montreal. Would you like us to work together to let Canadians and Montrealers know the truth regarding Golden Dawn?

Someone has to do something but no Canadian or Montreal authorities have shown interest in this issue! Can you look in to this? Who will do something about this Neo Nazi Organization that is growing in Montreal? It is unacceptable!

They already have begun their propaganda with "charity" fund-raising events this September in Montreal.
We, as Greek-Canadians have begun a petition, pls find it at the link below. We ask that you also help us in getting the truth out and collecting as many signatures as possible.

We are hoping to hear from you soon, this is a matter that concerns everyone!

Thank you

We invite our readers to consider signing the petition.

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Anonymous said...

Extreme hardship and oppression are often accompanied by fear, antagonisms, and alienation toward

those who are fellow victims but who are identifiably "different" and hence convenient scapegoats for

blame. Greece is a case in point. Golden Dawn, a fascist organization whose moral precepts are based

on a presumption of ethnic supremacy, has used hatred and intimidation to exploit the crisis

by appealing to the raw fear of Greeks struggling to survive. Democracy and social harmony are in

great jeopardy unless enlightened people demonstrate their abhorrence of such misguided beliefs and

tactics. Canadians need to demonstrate that we reject Golden Dawn’s motives, as well as

their presence here in Canada.