31 May 2011

Free Dominion, the Fourniers, and "John Does" Revisited

Our friend BCL has already done the heavy lifting so we will simply direct our readers to his blog.

Suffice it to say that a third judge has ruled in Richard Warman's favor and has stated that Mark and Connie Fournier must provide the ips of those named in Warman's defamation suit. It also awarded Warman costs, though that number has yet to be determined.

And now, we await the inevitable Greek Choir's lament and gnashing of teeth to occur on the Free Dominion boards.

29 May 2011

Heritage Front in the News Again: Libya Connection

When the people of Libya rose up revolt some months ago, there were very few people who defended the Gaddafi regime. One of those who did defend Gaddafi was Ian Verner Macdonald who, as we wrote about soon after he made his statement in defence of the tyrany in Tripoli, has a very long association with racist extremism in Canada and helped to facilitate a meeting of Canadian racists with the the Libyan government in the late 1980s.

We wrote about the links between the Libyan government and Canadian racists, as well as the fact that the experience in Libya in large part led Wolfgang Droege and others to found the Heritage Front. Now the msm has decided there's a story here as well:

Gaddafi’s ‘Libyan Friendship Society’ with Canada’s racist movement

  May 28, 2011 – 9:00 AM ET | Last Updated: May 27, 2011 7:54 PM ET

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has been a lot of things during his more than four decades in power: coup leader, revolutionary, nuclear proliferator, dictator — and friend of the Canadian racist movement.

Libyan agents began forging ties with the leaders of Canada’s extreme right in the late 1980s. Twice, the Gaddafi regime brought delegations of Canadian “white nationalists” to Tripoli, where they were feted and given cash.

24 May 2011

Jeff Hughes Death in the News

This came out in the evening on Tuesday. Shall we anticipate the response of the boneheads?

No charges in police shooting of white supremacist

By: ctvbc.ca
Date: Sunday May. 22, 2011 5:37 PM PT

The Victoria Police Department has decided not to recommend charges in the shooting death of Jeffery Scott Hughes, a Nanaimo resident killed in a confrontation with Mounties almost two years ago. 

Reported Assault on Weekend

We received this information a few moments ago:

At 2:30pm on Saturday, a friend of mine saw two boneheads come up to the front of a house in Bridgeland where two people of colour were sitting on their balcony. The boneheads really worked to start a fight, throwing racial slurs, threats and challenges at the two men until finally provoking them. As soon as the fight started, six more boneheads came around the corner where they had been waiting. One was armed with nunchucks and another with bricks. The person my friend was with called the police, who put them on hold. The boneheads beat the hell out of the two unfortunate guys and were gone well before the cops showed up.

Request For Contact

To the individual who posted as "Fetus," could we ask that you leave us an email to contact you? There are some things we think we need to discuss, and perhaps share.

22 May 2011

Revisionism: It Ain't Just For the Holocaust

Any new photos of Paulie, you ask? Take a gander at this one:

Why, oh why, do you make this so easy for us Paulie?

Now while we might think that this is yet another picture of Paulie trying, and failing, to pull off the rugged outdoors man look, he does have a new friend who thinks he embodies all the mythic hero of a Joseph Campbell archetype:

Well, Kevin Strom, formerly of the National Alliance and, after a huge falling out with the new leadership of the NA soon after the death of William Pierce founded National Vanguard, isn't exactly a new friend of Paulie as they have a pretty long history. And we actually are less interested in making fun of Paulie than we are addressing some revisionist comments made by both, er.... men.

21 May 2011

Kitchener News Article on Kyle McKee Published Today

Ex-Kitchener resident at forefront of white nationalist movement  

By Josh Brown, Record staff
Fri May 20 2011 

Kyle McKee caused an uproar in Kitchener when he hung a Nazi flag outside his rented Kitchener home.

Six years later, and now based in Calgary, the 25-year-old skinhead has become one of Canada’s most active white supremacists, leading a group dubbed Blood and Honour.

“Kyle has become quite successful for becoming the main spokesperson, the leading light and the one leader,” said Jason Devine, a spokesperson for Anti-Racist Action Calgary.

16 May 2011

The Sad Life of John Beattie

We don't intend this to be a long post, but we did see it as somewhat telling of the state of the, "White Nationalist" movement over the long term.

On this blog, we have written about John Beattie who in the 1960s came to minor prominence as the leader of the Canadian Nazi Movement. He fell in and out of the media through the 70s, only to re-appear in 1989 when he hosted a celebration for fellow racists on land near his home in Minden, Ontario. Now, he posts the occasional rambling message on Stormfront, operates a poorly constructed website for his British Peoples' League (which, while appearing to consist of himself and a few seemingly elderly drinking buddies, he seems to believe will soon be an international force to be reckoned with..... as soon as someone, anyone, is willing to start donating money for the cause... really, anyone and any amount.... a dollar even.... hell, they'd be pleased to be given a half-eaten sandwich at this point) and finally a rambling Internet "radio" program that has the feel of an "old man yelling at the kids to get off of his lawn" to it.

14 May 2011

Paul Fromm and the Fine Art of Turd Polishing

We may have engaged in a little bit of schadenfreude concerning Paulie's most recent electoral emasculation (okay, we were practically giddy). After all was said and done, a man who mocked Jason Devine for his vote tally in past elections wasn't able to win more votes than a member of the Communist Party in the most conservative province in a very conservative city.

We don't think even Paulie was so delusional as to believe he would win (though that didn't stop the self-delusion of some of his supporters) but we do think that he would be a little bit embarrassed by the outcome after all the bravado and the claims that he was going to, "stick it" to Conservative incumbent Jason Kenny. This would presume that Paulie actually possesses the dignity and self-respect that allow him to feel embarrassed. Such is not the case as he instead presents failure as success:

We think most of this is pretty self-explanatory -- Paulie is trying to trumpet the, "success" of his campaign while at the same time rationalizing why he failed -- but there are a few points that we enjoyed reading:

13 May 2011

Marc Lemire Denies Past Again

Now that Blogger is back to normal, on with the blogging!

The Warman and the CHRC vs. Lemire case will be heard by the Federal Court this coming December.

Our bet is that Section 13 will be upheld with the financial penalty provision stripped, however if everyone knew the outcome there wouldn't be a need to have the court rule in the matter so we'll wait for the final decision (one way or another, it doesn't affect what we're doing here).

Of course we expect Paulie, the good folks at Free Dominion, Levant, and a few others to be paying very close attention, but as a Wikileaks document states, outside a few media outlets (we humbly submit to being included here), there isn't a lot of attention being paid to this case amongst the majority of Canadians who are more concerned with the economy (the main reason for the Conservative victory most likely) and simply going about their lives. It isn't on their radar, however Paulie and Lemire would have people believe that the entire nation is waiting with baited breath in anticipation of the Federal Court's ruling in the matter:

11 May 2011

Free Speech for Geert Wilders. Not So Much for Canadian Press.

Speechie darling and anti-Muslim bigot extols the virtues of Western Culture, including the right to free speech.

He's right. Freedom of speech is something we should be proud of. Part of the wonderful legacy of the Enlightenment.

It's a shame then that Geert has a problem with freedom of speech when applied to the people he says he wants to warn about the dangers of Muslims who want to take away our freedom of speech.

Does that make sense? Eh, whatever! On to the article!

4 May 2011

At Least One Bonehead Celebrating Conservative Majority Likely to Be Very Disappointed

Before we get to the main story, we thought we would share a comment left on the blog. This individual had left an earlier comment that we didn't publish and is now complaining about how we refuse to publish it because we don't want our readers to know how truly intelligent boneheads really are.

We swear that we haven't changed the quote in any way.

god damn is this site full of Pansy wont even post my comment after i make a good point, Are you afraid to make anyone who doesn't agree with you look even relatively smart like hell " herp derp lets just post the comments that make them look dumb BUT if a smart one comes along lets not post it herp derp. " 

Yep, you've cracked the case. You are so intellectually superior that we are far too intimidated to allow your comments to be published on this blog for fear that you'll sway our readers to agree with your obviously well reasoned and logical conclusions.

Now that is out of the way....

While many of our readers, and most of the members of the Collective (except Sparky who is still gloating) are disappointed by the outcome of the election on Monday, our favourite fat neo-Nazi is rejoicing in the victory of Mr. Harper's Conservative Party:

3 May 2011

Historic 41st General Election. Oh, And How Did Paulie Do?

Yes, the Conservatives won a majority (Sparky is pleased, though the rest of are not). Yes, it was a historic night for the NDP, now the Her Majesty's Official Opposition. Yes, the Liberals, the "natural governing party" were humiliated. Yes, the Bloc was absolutely destroyed. And finally yes, the Green Party has their first elected member.

We realize the significance of this election and that more knowledgeable and politically astute people than we will be analyzing the outcome for years to come as the political landscape has been turned on its head.

However, our interests are focused on one race in particular.

How did Paulie do?

1 May 2011

Non-Election News (i.e. Life Goes On)

First, the big news that will no doubt overshadow the election tomorrow:

Yeah, that's sort of a huge story.

And second, something that will be overshadowed by both the reported death of bin Laden and the election, but still covered here because it's sort of our niche: