Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 2011 Bits and Bites: Paulie Edition

We all know that Paulie has a "unique" fashion sense that he likes to share with his friends. This, combined with his creepy, "come hither" look he gives the camera, is inevitably awkward and sort of uncomfortable.

Now we get to see all that, sans glasses:

Ill-fitting jacket? Check.

Pants that looks like his ass is in the front? Check again.

Douchy, "how YOU do'n?" stare? You gotta believe that's a check.

But without his glasses? Ladies and gentlemen, Paulie has manage to achieve something we didn't think possible. He makes this look good by comparison.

Paulie is especially proud of what we must assume his his new jacket, using it as the image for no fewer than two articles posted on his Facebook profile. The first deals with the continuing tragedy in Haiti which he perpetuates the canard of low Haitian intelligence as a reason for a devastated infrastructure (funny, we thought that it had something to do with a natural disaster coupled with corruption in concert with poverty and historic meddling by outside forces, but what do we know?):

Not that any of this is all that surprising and it will be eaten up by the usual suspects, however we suspect that they will continue to shake their heads over his continued support for Michelle Erstikaitis and the minimization of her crimes:

If you're a new reader, click on the Michelle Erstikaitis tag at the bottom of the article.

And finally, a bit of irony from one of the signers of the lauded New Orleans Protocol which aimed at ending infighting within the, "White Nationalist" movement. Hell, he can't even prevent it on his own profile:

We would have posted more, but we sort of got bored with the bickering. Still, it is a fun read.

And yes, we know we're sort of phoning it in today, but we're heading out to a party in 15 minutes, but we really felt the need to share that photo at the top.


Anonymous said...

What a douche! His sloppy, lazy ass couldn't even bother to take off the Canadian flag patch before sewing on the "Red Ensign" toilet paper. Look closely and you'll see the overlay.

I wonder how many female Facebook "friends" Paulie sent this picture to.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, looks like someone got into the brandy and did another photo shoot. Oh well, at least no porcelain cats or fireplaces full of trash in this one.

Anonymous said...

I'm willing to accept that adapting to life as a bachelor is tough but good Lord but that is lazy. How hard is it to work a stitch ripper man? If he can't even be bothered to do that much how can he succeed at saving the white race?

Anonymous said...

How Paul hasn't made the sexiest man alive list, I'll never know. RAWR!

One hasn't lived until they've been creepily poked by him on facebook.

Anonymous said...

I'm becoming more and more convinced Fromm is a cho-mo.

Anonymous said...

Imagine the photos he must have in his private collection.

Actually, don't imagine that.