Thursday, February 10, 2011

Academic Study Dealing With Online Recruiting and European Nationalism

Last night we were playing around on Facebook when we came across the following group:

Academic Study Dealing With Online Recruiting and European Nationalism

We looked into it further and found the lead researcher. It is a legitimate study and we offered what support we could.

Now, as we know we have a number of boneheads who read our blog, and since we in the Collective have a passion for this kind of research, might we humbly suggest that our "friends" in the Movement might wish to consider making a contribution to the study.

Come on! You know you want to!

There's also the following survey:

Survey to Understand White Supremacy

Of course, we expect the predictable paranoid bleating from the usual suspects who will cry out that we are just trying to gather information on them. We get it. But perhaps there are a few boneheads out there who might be willing to help academics learn a little more about their sub-culture.

Or not. No skin off our nose either way.


Anonymous said...

After checking out the Facebook page I must say, are you sure this isn't a study for an actual white nationalist organization trying to find better ways of recruiting new members? Or perhaps just some bored teenager wasting time on the internet? Because I have a hard time believing a legitimate study would use a dead Facebook page let alone a Celtic cross with white pride world wide written around it as their Facebook photo, I would at least expect a university logo or something of that nature--something related to the people doing the research and definitely more information about who is conducting the survey. All I'm saying is that anyone can make a Facebook page and survey...

nos200 said...

We understand the caution. However the person conducting the study is well known to us. We can assure our readers that this is a legitimate study being conducted by a competent researcher.