Sunday, October 10, 2010

Aryan Guard and McKee: Not Many Friends Left

The long running dispute between the Aryan Guard (now calling themselves Blood & Honour) and their rival offshoot, W.E.B. is sort of low lying fruit for us. One can guarantee that, month to month, there will be something that we could write about on this blog. In reality and in spite of what might be believed, we actually let the vast majority of it pass without comment here. Even we're sort of bored by it. However, there are still occasions when it might be worth a look back to see where in the feud they are. One never knows when the next pipe bomb attack will occur.

This evening, on a whim, one of our writers took a look at the Facebook group "Fuck Aryan Guard!!!!" created by Tyler Sturrup and administered by himself and Dustyn Johnson. At first, there's not much to really talk about, but then we noticed something that at least we found to be interesting. Let's see if our dear readers can spot it as well:

See it? No, not the pictures that Reitmeier took from this blog and posted to the group. Look for a name. See it? If not, here's a hint:

This is a picture from the March 21, 2008 Aryan Guard march in Calgary. We see McKee of course, but who is the rotund fellow with his arm wrapped around McKee's skinny shoulders? Why, it's none other than the Grand Dragon of the Saskatchewan Ku Klux Klan, Mr. Christopher Waters.

A few years back, Waters made the claim that there were over 200 Klan members in Saskatchewan and almost 3500 across Canada. He also stated they would soon be holding a major Klan event in Saskatchewan, however it never ultimately came to fruition. He, along with at least two other Saskatchewan-based Klan members, did attend the first Aryan Guard march in 2008, as pictured above, as well as attending the after party in full Klan Klown Kostume.

So how does Waters feel about McKee and the Aryan Guard now?

We suppose that Waters will not be attending the planned Aryan Guard March in 2011 then? Then again, since Reitmeier claims that W.E.B. is affiliated with the Klan and Aryan Nations, we might see them heading to Calgary anyways:

Also interesting, though not at all surprising, is that this blog is used by boneheads to keep tabs on each other as well:

The screenshot they took is of this one below, which was underlined (we presume by Johnson) to emphasis that Marleau and McKee shopped information on one of the targets of the pipe bomb to both us and to the spokesperson for the Calgary ARA (Marleau's denial is posted on the Facebook group by Reitmeier):

Gee, we wonder how pissed off when we drop a real bombshell eventually?


Anonymous said...

John once told someone who was Metis at a party that it didn't really matter too much because over years of just breeding with whites it would breed out the Indian blood.

Anonymous said...

Bring on the Bombshell!!! and blow these rat boneheads away!!!

nos200 said...

Patience, Anonymous 2. Patience.

You drop a bomb when it will do the most damage. That time is not yet here.

But it will be.

Twig said...

Reitmeiers wife is seemingly blood & (dis)honour...I wonder how that is going down with both sides. Conflict of "interests" one would have thought...

Anonymous said...

is it true Keven Brozny is dead?