Wednesday, October 06, 2010

How Well DO Boneheads Keep Their Secrets?

We in the Collective are constantly gathering information. Most of what we collect is never published, but is used to further our understanding of the Movement and the direction it is taking. Other times the information really defies categorization and we struggle with the best way to present that information.

This is one of those times.

What we're posting is the rest of the exchange on the Blood & Honour (C18) forum's Canadian section. It is a continuation of the pissing contest between Volksfront and the Hammerskin aligned Blood & Honour faction, and the faction aligned with Combat 18. The crux of the issue at hand here is how does so much information reach us here at ARC. Is it carelessness? Do boneheads themselves, willingly or not, supply us with information? In reality, it is sort of all of the above. But we'll let the discussion progress with very little commentary from us, at least less than we usually provide. We begin with the part where OdinPatrick takes sides in the Blood & Honour factionalism:

Our newest "friend" is referring to this incident. But please, continue......

And the bombing? This of course.

The "rat" would be Carolyne.

Now it gets juicy.

Ouch! Now that was just mean!

Well, not directly to us. However, as will be clearly indicated soon enough, Marleau did post the information in a place where we would see it and suggested that it be sent to us. Also, McKee and Lee did phone the spokesperson of the ARA in Calgary and offer to email it directly to him.

Hmm, amazing how they're able to rationalize this.

Ohhhhh, snap!

This is perhaps the most diplomatic they can be when calling someone an idiot who leaks like a sieve.

Hehehe..... we like like these two pictures (here and here) too!

Dealt with in an orderly fashion? You mean everyone laughing at you and you not doing anything about it? That's how it was dealt with?


Really? Lesson learned? Do you really believe that Jessie?

Oh yes, we know who you are.

We also know about the September 11 bbq. Those in attendance included Kyle McKee, Bill Noble, John Marleau, Michael Gaio, Andrew Benson (no way you're getting into the forces, by the way), Lee Ebel, Jessie Lajoie, Shannon Butt, Miki McDonnell, Natalie S., Courtney B., and a few others.

How many other things would you like us to tell you that we know?

So, tell us, how well have those lessons been learned Jessie?

More to come.


Anonymous said...

That got a bit boring after a while, no offense...
But, I appreciate being informed, anyway.

nos200 said...

Ya, this admittedly isn't our best work. We were a bit lazy on it too which doesn't help. But it does serve to show that they still doing a piss poor job of keeping their activities under wraps.

Anonymous said...

Yeah this really didn't cover much at all?
This just seems like a repeat of things already said on this blogsite.
Good work though, keep on the tails of those boneheads.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ "The Terror Machine"

This just keeps getting more comical. Keep up the fantastic work.

Anonymous said...

Who's Endsieg on the c18 forum?

Thomas said...

Talking shit about Lethbridge will get you nowhere.If you have a problem we will gladly listen to you.I might make you famous like the last retard I knocked the fuck out.Youtube is funny.Maybe You and marleau can try to copy a European group {C18}
When in reality they would kick your ass.Come try your luck.No wonder everyone laughs at you clowns.Make a move bitch . Seems you and your friends send messages to ARC.Your about as solid as a bowl of jello.
Make a move leave in a bag.

Anonymous said...

Its funny watching the nazi's.squirm.
Marleau and jesse are lovers. Maybe they chase down transit workers together.Or maybe jesse still has pictures of nazi mom?I mean nazi skank'You think you are hardcore?LOL
But you are not.You are lucky you hide from people. Bitch. Faggot in denial bjessie.

Anonymous said...

This idiot would be stomped in Lethbridge.All I have to say is come bring it.Dont worry my neighbors will not call the police.More likely they will laugh after you get put down.You are not the first or the last.If you have a beef deal with it. {btw} I still laugh at the support for (nazi mom} Pathetic actually.

Lethbridge NSPC said...

Its common knowledge that marleau is a metis.Maybe jesse is a metis? whatever they are both a joke.Hilarious actually.Maybe they play dress up together.I wonder who plays the girl?Jesse I would guess as marleau cant even see his dick.The real C18 in eUROPE THINKS THAT THEY ARE CLOWNS.Maybe fatso will take a clue like he takes a tampon in his mouth

SoupCan man said...

Maybe marleau has began the first C18 Rat devision. Maybe Didnt the calgary "leader" whine to the media over temperature in his cell?
Hilarious maybe he will have better luck recruiting little kids.MAYBE Bill noble will explain why he did his jailtime in protective custody?
Funny considering BC jails are pretty slack.Maybe your leaders are rats? Its pretty obvious.

14 Thomas88 said...

who gives a shit what these retards say? People keep impersonating me.
I dont support these retards. A bunch of pathetic retards if you ask me?
If C18 supports a tampon licking bitch
like marleau they will continue to be a laughing stock of Canada.Like I said I live in Lethbridge {North}
Ask where the Skinhead house is.

Lethbridge NAZI said...

"fuck ups and needle nazis"lol
Come try your luck you pathetic bitch.
wHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? Have a bunch of kids try to take on a bunch of men lol.Hilarious.Make a move leave in a bag.Pathetic bitch boy

Anonymous said...

Oh yes we in lethbridge need advice from you.Pretty funny indeed.Maybe we should start hanging with non whites.........and claiming membership in a European club. If you were in europe the real C18 would kick your 400 pound fat indian ass.Or maybe "Endsieg" will grow a pair and try to fight.

nos200 said...

Endsieg is Jessie Bauminng

Oh, and on an unrelated note, nice to see that Tom Trenerry still reads the blog. You keep reaching for that rainbow Tommy!

Anonymous said...

I dont know who is impersonating me but it is not amusing.

Thomas said...

First of all. I didnt write this shit. Maybe the fucking person impersonating me will stop.I dont post on here to begin with.